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Rodrigo Vázquez Mellado, HR and B2B software analyst & advisor, tech writer, and musician Jan 06, 2022
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HRnest are well-known for having excellent support and being open to customer feedback, customizing their product offering to fit the particular needs of their clients.

What's Inside

HRnest Review

This vendor decided to focus on creating a solid platform for leave management, work schedules, and employee files. What’s great is that you can choose from either of those modules or get them all in a single place.

HRnest Customers

HRnest is used by companies like Virgin, Red Bull, and AitonCaldwell.

HRnest Stats

  • 500+ clients
  • 1M holiday requests submitted

HRnest Resources

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Key HRnest Features

  • Leave Management: Handle holiday plans and PTO requests in a couple of clicks. Employees submit them for manager approval and all parties involved are notified via email about the status of the request.

  • Work Schedule: Working hours can be recorded by employees or the payroll team. The tool also calculates overtime automatically and shows a comparison between the number of hours worked to hours planned for each role. 

The full HRnest platform also includes: 

  • Reports on recorded work time
  • 1-Click export of reports to Excel
  • Bulk actions
  • Mobile version for the leave and schedule modules
  • Personal file for employees 

HRnest Implementation

HRnest Customer Success

HRnest Key Integrations

HRnest has a REST API. It also integrates with systems like Google Workspace, Slack, SAP, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more.

What to be aware of

HRnest Pricing

The default module, leave management, is free for less than 5 employees. After that, it can be as low as 10.50 USD per month and it subtly goes up as you add users or other modules.

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HRnest Alternatives

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HRnest Alternatives

With an HRMS plan that's free for up to 50 employees, Freshteam offers quite a few features for HR and recruitment.
Homebase was built to manage hourly workers and keep track of their work. They're also used for hiring, onboarding, HR & compliance, health & safety checks, and labor cost controls.
Although it is not entirely free, UZIO is worth a mention here for their wide array of features and varied plans with real competitive prices.
Zoho People offers a 360-degree solution for HR teams. It's fit and scalable for many company sizes but they do have a free forever plan for very small teams.
As one of the most well-known and trusted names in human resources tech, BambooHR is worthy of consideration for their many perks and flexible pricing.
Bitrix24 is a hugely popular vendor with a massive array of tools for businesses and organizations. Some of their HR products are free, and for the same plan you can get several other business apps too.
Oddo offers a massive variety of HR & business solutions that can cover many needs for a company. Plus, they do it in several languages.
HRnest are well-known for having excellent support and being open to customer feedback, customizing their product offering to fit the particular needs of their clients.
OrangeHRM takes the time to understand your business and tend to be flexible enough to find an iteration of their solution that fits you. Their tools are used by thousands of users worldwide.
SnapHRM offers a full HR suite that is free or pretty cost-effective depending on your user count. It's cloud software, but they also offer a self-hosted option.
We love Sentrifugo because it is a fully-fledged open-source HRMS that's completely free, making it a good choice for small and medium sized businesses.
WebHR is completely free for teams with 5 employees or less. A perk of this product is that if you decide to upgrade, you can do it on a per-module basis instead of having to buy a whole suite.
IceHRM is notable for offering both an open source version and cloud version of their software. The open source style is present in other ways within their practices, such as having numerous resources for customers.