Kangaroo Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
November 24, 2020

Kangaroo is easy to use and effective in helping you bring customers back. Brick and mortar businesses in particular can significantly benefit from its geo-location feature that helps attract customers in the area with relevant custom offers.

What's Inside

Kangaroo Review

Kangaroo is an easy-to-use loyalty program software that allows you to drive engagement and increase customer retention. It integrates with your POS and eCommerce platform and offers several program structure options including a points-per-dollar model and a tiered loyalty system. Through Kangaroo, you can reward customers for several actions. You can also set time-based rewards to surprise customers on special occasions such as their birthday or other special milestones in their journey with you.

You can easily keep track of customer data, transaction history as well as gain insights into the behavior of your customers through Kangaroo’s analytics dashboard. This data helps you adjust your program based on how customers are reacting to it.

Kangaroo Customers

Nature Santé, Allons Vert, Muscle Depot, Depot 74.

Kangaroo Stats

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Key Kangaroo Features

Kangaroo Implementation

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What to be aware of

Kangaroo Pricing

Kangaroo offers a Go Ultimate plan priced at $149/month. This excludes a one-time fee for onboarding that includes installation, initial profile and program setup as well as an hour of training. Kangaroo also offers more plan options for enterprise customers upon request.

Kangaroo Alternatives

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Great for growing businesses


For small businesses and restauranteurs

Loopy Loyalty

Virtual punch cards


For brick & mortar and online business

Annex Cloud

For medium to enterprise-sized retailers


Focus on marketing automation


Offers several program structure options


Offers a free plan


In-house data science team


Easy sign up