A Look At XOR's Recruiting Automation Software

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 5, 2021

XOR has virtual career fair capabilities on top of its recruiting automation features.

What's Inside

XOR Review

Want an all-in-one platform that will help you make hires faster? XOR aims to help you attract, engage and recruit talent via text message and Whatsapp campaigns, embedded real-time chats on career sites, and on-demand video interviews.

With the option to automate as much of your recruiting process as you want by assigning AI chatbots with repetitive recruitment tasks — such as candidate screening, interview scheduling, employee onboarding, and HR FAQs— you can focus your energy on engaging the best talent. Plus, XOR offers virtual career fairs that allow you to talk with prospects over live chat and video without requiring them to download an app.

XOR Customers

McDonald's, Mars, Exxon Mobil, Ikea, Sutter Health

XOR Stats

  • 99.3% of candidates and employees who engage with it say it's a great experience
  • 5 million candidates created
  • 20+ Fortune 500 clients
  • Used in 15+ countries

XOR Resources

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Key XOR Features

  • Automated text, email, and WhatsApp capabilities
  • Workflow management
  • Call transcription
  • Communications tracking
  • Chatbot
  • Text-to-apply functionality
  • Virtual career fairs
  • Video interviewing

XOR Implementation

XOR Customer Success

XOR Key Integrations

XOR doesn't have a comprehensive list of integrations online, but they frequently update their blog with new ones. For instance, they most recently announced integrations with Zoom and Greenhouse.

What to be aware of

XOR Pricing

XOR's pricing is based on how many recruitment and HR seats you'll need, but is not disclosed upfront.

XOR Alternatives

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