Whaller Expert Review, Pricing, Alternatives - 2021

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 13, 2021

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It’s a service that lets you create your own social network-like sphere, where you can create discussion spaces with multimedia messaging.

What's Inside

Whaller Review

Whaller works through spheres, discussion spaces that can be completely separate from one another. This is great if you want an intranet just as a place for discussion around specific projects or topics within the company. Each sphere can have all types of messages with controlled visibility, you can have private chats with all members, and it also has a couple of other features like a company directory, individual profiles, a home page, and video conferencing.

Whaller Customers

Whaller Stats

  • Started in Paris, France in 2013
  • Under 50 employees

Whaller Resources

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Key Whaller Features

  • Company Homepage: All the organization’s spheres are found here, as well as the directory and management tools. This can be branded in the paid version. 
  • Tagging: Every message, whether it’s a link, video, document, survey, task, gift, or pure text, can be sorted and tagged in custom categories.

Whaller Implementation

For the free/standard version, there’s really not much to implementing Whaller. You can just sign up on their page and start creating spheres. As to the paid plans, there’s a free trial for Pro so it’s fairly quick and easy to get started. The business and enterprise plans will require more in the way of getting in touch with them and putting together a plan based on your project’s scope.

Whaller Customer Success

Whaller has several resources put together in the way of customer support. They have a customer success department, a help center, documentation, an FAQ page, and a system status page.

Whaller Key Integrations

Whaller can integrate with Google and Microsoft products, LinkedIn, Dropbox, GoToMeeting, Zapier, and more.

What to be aware of

Whaller can scale up to a complete workplace for enterprise customers, for which custom pricing is provided.

Whaller Pricing

The standard version of Whaller is free for up to 100 users and lets you create 5 spheres. After that, the pro version starts at 3€ per user per month.

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Whaller Alternatives

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