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Huda Idris, Jan 06, 2022
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SAP Concur integrates with numerous third-party solutions, meaning it'll fit snugly into any tech stack.

What's Inside

SAP Concur Review

SAP Concur has been in the expense tracking software game for a very long time. Employees can book travel and add expenses through a web or mobile based interface. HR and operations can stay compliant with a system that has been around the block a few times.

SAP Concur Customers

Landbay, Inmarsat, Qlik, Odeon, AP, DAS, Hammerson.

SAP Concur Stats

SAP Concur can connect with more than 200 business systems.

SAP Concur Resources

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Key SAP Concur Features

  • Travel management
  • Expense management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Customizable workflows
  • Audit services
  • Budget management
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Reporting and insights
  • Mobile access

SAP Concur Implementation

SAP Concur has a detailed implementation guide and several resources to help customers get started.

SAP Concur Customer Success

SAP Concur has a help center for with articles for customers to self-serve. Customers may also contact SAP Concur’s support team if further help is needed.

SAP Concur Key Integrations

SAP Concur integrates with most ERP, CRM, HR, and accounting systems including Quickbooks, NetSuite, Sage, Xero, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor. It also has an open API, allowing businesses to plug in various other solutions.

What to be aware of

SAP Concur Pricing

The pricing of SAP Concur’s plans and services isn’t disclosed on their website. Contact their sales team for a price quote.

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SAP Concur Alternatives

No items found.
Expense Tracking Software - SAP ConcurSAP Concur

Long-time player

Expense Tracking Software - RydooRydoo

Mobile first software

Expense Tracking Software - QuickbooksQuickBooks

Great for small business

Expense Tracking Software - FyleFyle

AI-powered reporting

Expense Tracking Software - TripActionsTripActions

Travel expense reporting

Expense Tracking Software - AbacusAbacus

Strong AI features

Expense Tracking Software - DivvyDivvy

Comprehensive spend management solution

Expense Tracking Software - Sage IntacctSage People

Leading accounting software

Expense Tracking Software - CertifyCertify

Great customer success team

Expense Tracking Software - ExpensifyExpensify

Great for individuals

SAP Concur Alternatives

Divvy is very user-friendly and quick to use; it only takes minutes to apply for a credit line. Not only that, but you can apply for as many physical and virtual cards as you need.
Fyle's expense tracking software is AI-powered, completely automatized, and full of real-time analytics, actionable insights, and audit-ready reports.
Expensify is an awesome choice for individuals or sole proprietors needing an inexpensive solution to expense management.
Abacus uses AI to understand your company's spending behavior in order to streamline expense management processes.
Quickbooks is one of the best known names in accounting software. Their expense tracking solution is a great fit for small companies.
Certify's value is centered around customer happiness, meaning that their intuitive tech is backed by great customer support.
Rydoo makes expense management easy with a mobile first approach aimed towards forecasting and analysis. It saves up time for employees and the finance team alike while ensuring compliance in multiple countries.
SAP Concur integrates with numerous third-party solutions, meaning it'll fit snugly into any tech stack.
Sage Intacct is a leading financial management software with strong expense management abilities.
TripActions is a go-to software by much of the Fortune 500 for travel expenses.