A Look At XOR's Candidate Assessments

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 13, 2021

XOR allows large companies with considerable hiring volume to automatically assess candidates through an AI chatbot. This solutions can also screen, schedule calls, and record video interviews.

What's Inside

XOR Review

XOR is a chatbot that screens job seekers before your recruiters speak with them. Their solution allows you to quickly add questions, rank their importance, and then sort candidates by score.

XOR Customers

XOR is used by Mars, Manpower, Ikea, and McDonald's, among others.

XOR Stats

XOR has helped clients to achieve milestones like:

  • 33% faster time-to-hire
  • 50% lower hiring costs
  • 90% net promoter score from candidates

XOR Resources

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Key XOR Features

  • Screening: XOR's chatbot does a basic interview with candidates while scoring their answers. It then uses these scores to qualify and process the applicant.
  • Video interview: A thing of beauty with XOR is that the same tool can then schedule interviews with candidates when they are a good-enough match for recruiters to pick things up.

XOR Implementation

Should you choose to work with XOR, their onboarding and technical team will propose an implementation plan based on your needs and project scope.

XOR Customer Success

XOR sets up clients with a Customer Success manager and a team of technical support reps. They also host webinars regularly and have a library with various types of training material.

XOR Key Integrations

XOR has native integrations with top HR tech products like Bullhorn, Smart Recruiters, JazzHR, and Zoho.

What to be aware of

XOR is also a recognized vendor in the AI recruiting and video interview spaces.

XOR Pricing

XOR bases its pricing on how many recruitment and HR users you'll need to have in the platform.

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