Loxo: An In-Depth Expert Review - 2021

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 11, 2021

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Loxo is a fully-fledged recruitment CRM that has also done a good job at leveraging AI technology when it comes to helping recruiters find the best talent.

What's Inside

Loxo Review

Loxo's aim is to improve the efficiency of your whole recruitment operation, not just one or another aspect. This is part of what sets Loxo apart from others CRMs. However, they're also notable for keeping an updated database of over 530 million people. Between that and their modern features like Smart Grids and Task Management, their technology assists recruiters to manage every stage of the hiring process in a single hub.

Loxo Customers

Loxo is used by companies like Stanford Rose Associates, Endevis, Kensington International, Amazon, and Randstad.

Loxo Stats

  • Trusted by over 125,000 recruiters worldwide.
  • They claim that using Loxo can lead to a 75% reduction in hiring costs.
  • Their customer satisfaction rate, according to their own research, is 98%.
  • Directory of over 530 million people

Loxo Resources

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Key Loxo Features

  • Smart Grid: The entire database you put into Loxo is searchable. If they've already been sourced, you can easily find contacts and candidates.
  • Built-in calling and SMS: Calling and messaging can be put on autopilot by adding candidates to a campaign or a bulk group.

Loxo Implementation

At Loxo, implementation times vary depending on factors like the amount of data that needs to be transferred, user count, and integrations with other software. Custom timeline items for the project will typically include things like implementation dates, training schedules, and project management meetings.

Loxo Customer Success

Loxo's Customer Success reps are encouraged to be subject matter experts in all things recruitment. A CS from Loxo handle's most of the customer relationship, from onboarding and implementation all the way to regular business reviews and renewals.

Loxo Key Integrations

Loxo's recruitment CRM is prepared to integrate with products like ZipRecruiter, Broadbean, Hubspot, Gmail, and Outlook.

What to be aware of

Loxo encompasses features that make it work as a Talent Intelligence Platform, Applicant Tracking System, and CRM, all in one product.

Loxo Pricing

Loxo has a free and premium version. The free version is for a single user and includes the ATS and recruitment CRM. Unfortunately, the starting price of the premium version is not disclosed up front.

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