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Huda Idris, Jan 06, 2022
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Papaya combines global workforce and payroll management into a single global platform that's capable of connecting you to a wide network of verified local vendors.

What's Inside

PapayaGlobal Review

Remote work means employees all over the world. It probably also means contractors who work for you part time. Whether you are paying construction workers in South Africa or part time software engineers in Australia, PapayaGlobal is a payroll provider who can handle your needs. They'll also serve as the employer of record for your employees so that you can take advantage of group buying power on benefits.

PapayaGlobal Customers

Toyota, GDIT, Microsoft, Wix, Teradata, Ncino

PapayaGlobal Stats

Papaya works in 140+ countries.

PapayaGlobal Resources

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Key PapayaGlobal Features

  • Human resource functions (hiring and onboarding)
  • Payroll in +140 countries
  • HR compliance
  • Workforce management
  • Equity management 
  • Analytics

PapayaGlobal Implementation

PapayaGlobal Customer Success

Papaya Global has a help center for customers to self-serve. Customers may also submit a support request if further help is needed.

PapayaGlobal Key Integrations

Papaya Global integrates with several 3rd party solutions including human resources information systems, vendor management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, time and attendance tools, as well as expenses/financial tools.

What to be aware of

PapayaGlobal Pricing

Papaya has 3 plans:

  • Payroll: In this plan, Papaya runs and manages your entire payroll process for one, all-inclusive fee ranging from $20 - $100 per employee per month. 
  • Global EOR: In this plan, Papaya’s in-country partners will serve as employers of record and assume responsibility for payroll, workforce management, benefits, compliance, and more. The pricing of this plan ranges from $770- $1000 per employee per month.
  • Contractor Management & IC Compliance: With this plan, you can outsource particular services to a domestic or foreign contractor. The pricing of this plan starts from $25 per employee per month.
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PapayaGlobal Alternatives

Remote Team Management - ChartHopChartHop

For data-centric remote teams

Remote Team Management - TrainualTrainual

Great for onboarding and training new hires

Remote Team Management - MistroMistro

Benefits and perks for remote teams

Remote Team Management - PeakonPeakon

Great employee engagement solution

Remote Team Management - ZoomZoom

Great video conferencing solution

Remote Team Management - CarooCaroo

Great employee reward and gifting service

Remote Team Management - AsanaAsana

Great project management solution

Remote Team Management - Papaya GlobalPapayaGlobal

Global payroll solution

Remote Team Management - LessonlyLessonly

Great for employee training and development

Remote Team Management - SlackSlack

Great team communication solution

PapayaGlobal Alternatives

ChartHop is an organizational management platform. They're rapidly evolving into one of the more interesting HR Tech companies in the space.
Caroo is a versatile employee gifting service. Companies can use it to reward their top-performing employees or to simply cheer all employees with company-wide gifting.
Zoom a robust video conferencing solution that's used by millions of people worldwide. Anyone can access it for free on a browser, or via its desktop and mobile apps.
Slack is undeniably every productive team’s go-to communication and collaboration solution. It facilitates private and group messaging, audio and video calls, file sharing, and more.
From the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes project and tasks so your team knows what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.
Mistro easily provides benefits and perks in over 200 countries, from gym memberships to healthcare to equipment.
Papaya combines global workforce and payroll management into a single global platform that's capable of connecting you to a wide network of verified local vendors.
Trainual goes beyond the typical LMS functionality; it offers tools for employee onboarding, process documentation, company Wiki, and standard operating procedure (SOP) creation.
Not only is Peakon a great employee engagement solution, it has a ton of analytical functionality that makes it great for people planning too.
Featuring a modern and intuitive interface, Lessonly is versatile training and coaching software that’s loved by nearly 4 million teammates.