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Rodrigo Vázquez Mellado, HR and B2B software analyst & advisor, tech writer, and musician Jan 06, 2022
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More than an LMS, Trainual aspires to become a playbook, a way of organizing who does what and how, for each business they serve. They do this by encompassing onboarding, training, documentation, a wiki, and other tools, all within a single platform.

What's Inside

Trainual Review

Trainual is a simple to use tool that allows organizations to document standard operating procedures across anything from pushing code to re-stocking. This is a great solution for smaller organizations that want to structure the necessary organizational knowledge for people to do their jobs, but that don't want to invest the time and money into a full-on learning management system.

Trainual Customers

The UPS Store, Harmon Brothers, RE/MAX, Stanford University, Design Pickle.

Trainual Resources

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Key Trainual Features

  • Process Documentation: This part of the tool is meant to make your organization's core processes more systematic, something key for consistent scalability.
  • Templates for Policies and SOPs: Trainual also comes with customizable templates for policies like DEI, WFH, Employee Review, and a myriad more.

Trainual Implementation

Although Trainual is fairly straightforward to get up and running (as most cloud-based software), they also work with certified consultants and approved agencies.

Trainual Customer Success

Both people that have chosen to work with Trainual and the general public have access to several resources, such as an FAQ page, podcasts, blog posts, a training center, and a help center.

Trainual Key Integrations

Trainual has integrations built with Asana, Basecamp, Dropbox, LinkedIn, most of Google's offering, and many other types of tools.

What to be aware of

This vendor has particular success stories with agencies, companies in real estate, dental, government, educational institutions, non-profits, and enterprises.

Trainual Pricing

Mainly, Trainual is offered in two plans; Pro and Premium. The former is either $99 per month if you pay for one year or $119 if you go monthly. The Premium plan is either $149 or $179 per month. Both plans include the first 25 users. Afterwards, you'd pay more for each user, but the fee is currently not disclosed upfront, likely because it varies according to the number of additional accounts. If you've got more than 100 users, they offer custom pricing from the get-go. And, in case you're a nonprofit, they may offer you 50% off any plan for as long as you use the tool. They also offer a free trial.

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Trainual Alternatives

Learning Management Systems - eloomieloomi

LMS plus Performance and Engagement

Learning Management Systems - Go1Go1

Ready-made learning content

Learning Management Systems - Bridge by InstructureBridge by Instructure

Integrated performance management tools

Learning Management Systems - DoceboDocebo

Scalable LMS

Learning Management Systems - TrainualTrainual

All-encompassing LMS

Learning Management Systems - LessonlyLessonly

Great for remote teams

Learning Management Systems - LinkedIn LearningLinkedIn Learning

Thousands of learning courses

Learning Management Systems - CornerStone OnDemandCornerStone OnDemand

Great for enterprise

Learning Management Systems - PluralsightPluralSight

LMS for tech workers

Trainual Alternatives

eloomi's LMS allows for a high degree of automation which means your team can get a lot done while still providing a stellar employee experience.
We love Lessonly because it's an interactive and beautiful-looking product with all the features you'd expect from a fully-fledged LMS; course authoring, quizzes, forums, SCORM, and more.
It's an eclectic eLearning ecosystem and LMS from the quintessential social network for work, and one of the top tools for recruiters.
It's an eCommerce ecosystem specifically geared towards technology workers. They also have their own platform where ways to learn, such as skill assessments, certifications, and cloud labs, are offered.
It's an enormous eLearning library that lets you choose between your existing LMS or theirs. You can access all their content for a a low-priced subscription.
More than an LMS, Trainual aspires to become a playbook, a way of organizing who does what and how, for each business they serve. They do this by encompassing onboarding, training, documentation, a wiki, and other tools, all within a single platform.
Cornerstone OnDemand makes highly-acclaimed software for recruiting, training, and managing. Their LMS is a stellar solution for large enterprises and small businesses alike.
Docebo is a robust and scalable LMS ideal for companies with more than 300 team members in need of some sort of training.
Bridge combines a learning management system and an employee performance & engagement tool into a single platform.