An Expert Review of Papaya Global's Global Payroll Solution - 2021

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Author Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
Phil Strazzulla: HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
October 18, 2021
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Papaya Global is one of the fastest-growing companies in this space. Their platform can automate payroll in hundreds of countries, manage all employee types, and onboard new hires.

What's Inside

PapayaGlobal Review

Papaya Global is on a mission to revolutionize global payroll management. This international people & payroll platform is one of the most complete solutions for having employees in multiple countries. 

That being said, Papaya Global does more than cross-border payments. Their platform can also be used for hiring, onboarding, employee management, and they have a global equity management tool. This last tool helps with offering equity to employees as a part of their compensation, regardless of where they are.

PapayaGlobal Customers

  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • GDIT
  • Toyota
  • Teradata
  • Fiverr
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Deezer

PapayaGlobal Stats

  • Payroll for 140+ countries
  • $1.3B total payroll under management
  • Used by over 400 companies
  • 99% customer retention rate

PapayaGlobal Resources

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Key PapayaGlobal Features

  • Payroll reports: Regardless of the country, all worker reports are stored and presented in one place, providing easier access and a clear view of the entire workforce spending. 
  • Multi-currency payments: The platform pays employees automatically in their local currency, while also generating payslips in their native language. 

Depending on the plan, Papaya Global can also offer: 

  • Local tax filing assistance 
  • Benefits management
  • Customized payroll ledgers and reports
  • 3rd party payments 
  • Worker classification & compliance check

PapayaGlobal Implementation

Papaya Global’s implementation varies widely depending on the plan, or plans of your choosing. They’ll tailor their solution and services to your particular structure and propose a launch plan accordingly.

PapayaGlobal Customer Success

All Papaya Global plans offer continuous support from their customer success team and help center.

PapayaGlobal Key Integrations

Papaya Global integrates with a good variety of HRMS, VMS, T&A, and ERP products. This offering is available for all their plans.

What to be aware of

Papaya also offers additional global services for matters such as legal and compliance support and immigration.

PapayaGlobal Pricing

Processing international payroll with Papaya Global is possible via the four following plans: 

  • Payroll: They’ll manage your entire payroll process for one all-inclusive fee per employee, per month. Depending on your operation, this fee will fall between $20 and $100 USD. 
  • Global EOR: Papaya Global’s in-country partners function as employers of record, being responsible for payroll, workforce management, benefits, and compliance, and more. You can still stay up-to-date on everything through the platform, and this plan is between $770 and $1000 per employee per month. 
  • Contractor Management & IC Compliance: Particular services are outsourced to a domestic or foreign contractor, for periods of rapid growth and the need to reduce labor costs. This plan starts at $25 per employee per pay cycle. 
  • Payroll Intelligence Suite: This plan lets you consolidate all workforce and payroll data from all your operations into a single dashboard, priced at $250 for an annual plan or $320 quarterly per location.
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