Zoom Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 19, 2021

Zoom is a popular, easy to use and free conferencing platform that's accessible on browsers, desktops and mobile devices.

What's Inside

Zoom Review

Zoom has exploded in popularity during COVID-19 to become the best known video conferencing software on the market. As such, most interviewees have more than likely used it before and will be comfortable using it again because of how user friendly it is. 

Zoom is free to use for up to 40 minutes per meeting, making it good for most interviews but can lead to awkward endings if it runs over. It is also only usable for real-time interviewing, lacking most of the necessary features to be functionally all-encompassing for your human resources department.

Zoom Customers

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Uber
  • Zendesk

Zoom Stats

Zoom Resources

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Key Zoom Features

  • Video conferencing
  • Chat functions
  • Rooms and workspaces
  • Mobile app
  • Browser plug-ins

Zoom Implementation

Zoom Customer Success

Zoom Key Integrations

Zoom integrates with browsers, content sharing services, and marketing and process automation tools. Examples include Marketo, Zapier, Dropbox, and Skype.

What to be aware of

Zoom doesn't have asynchronous interviewing in its free platform.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom is free for meetings up to 40 minutes with up to 100 participants with unlimited one-on-one meetings. Premium plans start at $150 per license year up to $300 per license per year.

Zoom Alternatives

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30-day free trial


Free forever plan


Free forever plan


Free video conferencing


14-day free trial


Free video conferencing


14-day free trial