Harver Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 13, 2021

Harver is a pre-employment assessment platform designed with the input of industrial and organizational psychologists. Their platform also includes an on-demand video interview tool.

What's Inside

Harver Review

Each year, over 4 million applicants go through a Harver powered assessment. These assessments test everything from hard skills to behavioral qualities that make candidates a fit, or not. Their tool allows HR teams to focus on the best fit candidates which saves time and leads to more successful hiring outcomes. In addition to tests, job applicants can get a feel for the role through video and situational judgement tests, and opt out of jobs they know they aren't interested in.

Harver Customers

Some of Harver's notable customers include Netflix, McDonald's, UI Path, and KPMG.

Harver Stats

  • At KPMG, they helped increase female hires by 44%
  • At Majorel, they aided with reducing the attrition rate by 63%
  • Working with Aldi, they reduced their time-to-hire by 52%
  • 97% candidate satisfaction rate

Harver Resources

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Key Harver Features

  • Optimized matchings: This improves the way candidates are matched to job openings through performance feedback loops.
  • Tailored matching scores: Harver's I/O consultants collaborate with you to determine your job matching algorithm.
  • Virtual interviewing: Their video interview tool lets you screen candidates asynchronously, setting up questions for them to answer in their own time.

Harver Implementation

Harver will set you up with an implementation manager who will help out with adding their software to your current recruitment plan.

Harver Customer Success

Harver strives to build a hands-on relationship with your team. They'll set you up with a team of assessment experts that will ensure you're doing candidate screening right for each role you're hiring for. They also offer 24/7 support in 47 different languages.

Harver Key Integrations

Harver integrates with tools like Greenhouse, Lever, and Recruitee.

What to be aware of

Companies that are only hiring a few dozen people per year may not need a candidate assessment tool with the breadth of Harver.

Harver Pricing

Pricing for Harver is undisclosed.

Harver Alternatives


Gamified assessments for developers


Conversational candidate assessments for enterprises


A comprehensive recruitment suite


Embed tests for technical skills


Measure developer skills accurately


Great recruitment tool for small companies


Video interview platform with AI assessments


Video interview software for enterprises


In-depth candidate assessment suite


Talent optimization & recruitment certifications


Technical interviews for remote hiring


Gamified AI for candidate evaluation


Complete platform with pay-per-score options


Long free trial and AI scoring