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MyInterview: An In-Depth Expert Review

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What is MyInterview?

Are you looking for new video interview software?  Here’s our review of myInterview after demo’ing the product directly with their CMO Eliav Rodman (you can see our full conversation below).

Our hope is that this review allows you to better understand myInterview’s solution, and how it may fit into your recruiting tech stack.  We’ll give you the advice you need to make the right decision in the short term, and keep you up to date on the various trends in HR and talent acquisition tools as they evolve.

myInterview offers an easy to set up video interview solution that allows recruiting teams to quickly ramp up virtual interviews.

Their software can be dropped into your existing career site through an easy to implement widget, or incorporated into your existing workflow and ATS, which means you can be using video interviews in under an hour.

Killer Feature: myInterview uses machine learning to assess candidate answers on the basis of their professionalism, reasoning, etc. This assessment allows companies to quickly narrow down large job applicant pools to relevant automated shortlists.  This is one of the main reasons we’ve featured this company on our list of the best video interview platforms.

What Types of Companies is MyInterview Best For?

myInterview’s solution is best for mid-to-large sized companies that want to get up and running with video interviews fast.   Some of their key customers include:

  • Ocado
  • Hudson
  • Six Flags
  • Facebook
  • Pandora

MyInterview Financials?

At SelectSoftware, we believe that customers vote with their wallets.  And so, if a company has strong financial results, that is a great signal that they also have a strong product.

  • myInterview’s customer retention rate is >90%, which we would rate as excellent.
  • myInterview’s growth and profitability satisfy the rule of 40 which means their growth rate plus profitability equal a sum greater than 40.

What the Recruiting Pros Say

While data such as financials can shed light into how a company is doing, we also like to understand what specific HR leaders are saying about a given solution.   Here are a few myInterview reviews from recruiting leaders who’ve used the product:

“myInterview enables our project team to quickly review and determine whether the candidates have the right mix of energy, positivity, and strong customer service skills.  It was imperative that we had a central source to quickly review candidates and move through to the next stage of the process.  To that end the solution enabled us to appoint 40 staff members in 15 days…” - Ben Cartland, Talent Acquisition Manager at Catch.com.au

“Only a third of the people that we interviewed yesterday were people that we would’ve actually invited for an interview if we’d used myInterview first.  The days of resumes are so over…you get nothing from someone’s resume.  myInterview is so powerful!” - Dr. Mahya Mirzaei, Education Director at LearnED

MyInterview Implementation and Support


myInterview offers 24/7 support for both customers and candidates.


myInterview’s widget can be dropped on a career site to start doing interviews today.  However, many companies will do a fuller integration to ensure long term success, especially if they are hiring more than 1-2 people per month.

Typical implementation process:

1.     Setup ATS integration either directly or via Zapier (Day 1. depending if already supported).

2.     Upload any pre-screen videos for candidates to watch that explain the process, or emphasize your employer brand (day 1).

3.     Define questions for each role (day 1).

4.     Train recruiters on how to get candidates setup for video interviews and how to vet video interviews.

MyInterview Demo

Here is a short demo of their product highlighting key features:

MyInterview Founding Story

We always think it’s important to understand why a company was started.  Many times this founding DNA is core to the product offering.  For example, companies that were started out of staffing firms many times aren’t great for corporate recruiting teams, companies that were started after sub-par candidate experiences usually put the job seeker first, etc.

Australians Benjy Gillmand and Guy Abelsohn came up with the concept for myInterview when they were in High School. “We were essentially fed up with applying for casual jobs with a resume that said nothing about who we were”. There has been no real change in a hundred years, and with all of our crazy technological advancements, we still submit a piece of paper with some bullet points that are meant to sum us up as human beings. The system still upsets me, because there is so much lost potential, and the place you spend the majority of your conscious day should be linked to so much more. However the main reason that there has been no advancement is that a resume is so darn convenient to submit and review. This is why we created myInterview”.

MyInterview Key Features

  • Candidate shortlisting: The ability to share a shortlist of candidates with hiring managers or clients (for staffing firms) with one click.
  • Transcripts: Each video interview is transcribed so that recruiting teams can quickly scan answers, or copy/paste transcripts to be sent for review.
  • PhraseID™: myInterview Intelligence™ analyzes the text of all interviewees for a particular role, and automatically tags them with creats a word cloud of key phrases.  So, recruiters can search for “retail experience” or other key phrases to narrow down applicant pools.
  • RoleFit™: Personality assessment based on candidate answers.
  • Landing Page generator: TA teams can build bespoke landing pages to drive applicants to, that convert at higher rates due to mobile optimization, ease of apply, and employer branding assets.
  • meetMe™ - Live Video Interviewing: This new addition to the myInterview platform really rounds out that next stage in the hiring funnel, allowing you to manage live interviews with all the benefits of the myInterview dashboard and candidate experience.
  • ATS Integrations: Greenhouse, Workable, JobAdder, JobTrain, Pinpoint, Zapier

MyInterview Pricing

myInterview’s pricing starts at $0/mo with a forever free package that allows 30 candidates with 1 job.

Their growth and professional plans allow for 250 and 500 candidates respectively across 5 jobs and come with pricetags of $19 and $79/mo.

Larger companies can request pricing for enterprise plans.

Buying Advice

ROI from Video Interviews

Return on investment for myInterview comes from saving recruiter time with on-demand interviews.  Here’s a basic overview of how to calculate this ROI, along with an ROI calculator to help you determine the potential value to your organization.

Want to get started for free with myInterview?

If you’re ready to try myInterview’s video interview platform, click here to get started with their free forever plan.

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