Top Remote Team Management Tools — June 2020

Everything you need to know to effectively manage remote workers, foster a welcoming company culture, and achieve business success in the process

The best remote team management tools allow companies to engage employees, collaborate, and grow their business. Remote work has been growing in popularity — even before social distancing/the COVID-19 crisis forced many companies to operate remotely. According to, remote work in the U.S. has grown 173% since 2005, a trend that will only continue to increase. As such, software programs and remote team management tools have become increasingly necessary. After all, they help companies maximize productivity, collaboration, and culture — all of which are critical for organizational success.

But as you probably already know, there are seemingly endless options. Some help companies better manage their remote teams, while others help remote workers be more productive. In this guide, we’re going to help you figure out which solutions are right for your organization with a list of top tools, what they cover, and why you might need them; common mistakes and how to fix them; implementation guidelines; and more.

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Top Remote Team Management Tools

Here are the best remote work tools for companies looking to engage employees, collaborate, and grow. We'll be adding to this list frequently as we discover more awesome tools to include.

Remote work means employees all over the world.  It probably also means contractors who work for you part time. Whether you are paying construction workers in South Africa or part time software engineers in Australia, PapayaGlobal is a payroll provider who can handle your needs. They'll also serve as the employer of record for your employees so that you can take advantage of group buying power on benefits.

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From small companies to the Fortune 500, employee learning and development is incredibly important. Remote work means new challenges for onboarding and upskilling workforces. Lessonly's simple to use learning management system allows you to quickly build and deploy training materials.  They also have a host of content around remote work specifically.

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In a remote environment, employee engagement software is an essential tool to measure your culture, and ensure your employee population stays connected to their work. Peakon allows companies to get feedback and act to built a better work environment. This is especially powerful for fast changing companies who need to stay on top of how theiri employees are feeling with new work norms.

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Asana allows remote teams to stay organized across many different and complex team based projects. Whether you are running a content calendar or building a new piece of software, their project management suite will allow you to manage, assing, and track work.

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Trainual helps companies keep track of all the how-to's in their company which means faster onboarding of new employees and less time searching for the best way to do XYZ once they are on the job. This is a great way to document your company's playbooks for everything from customer facings roles to engineering. And, this sort of knowledge documentation becomes all that more important for remote companies.

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Zoom has become the go to video conferencing solution. It started with sales, and now is ubiquitous for 1:1 meetings, small groups, and even large scale webinars. While not perfect, their video conferencing is still the best on the market and a key for remote teams that want to organize happy hours, coffee chats, or meetings from disparate locations.

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Slack's messaging platform has spread virally throughout the corporate world and is now a mainstay of corporate communications. Asynchronus standups, 1:1 messaging, or employee resource groups and so much more can be hosted in this platform. In addition, they have a large and growing ecosystems of apps that are native to slack from employee recognition to notifications related to marketing, sales, eng or recruiting.

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Next Steps

As we said earlier, remote work is on the rise. Currently, 43% of U.S. employees work remotely to some degree. And it’s becoming a key value proposition for employees and candidates. In fact, some employees will only take a job if it is remote. The global coronavirus pandemic is likely testing your company’s ability to operate remotely, so you’re already learning a lot about what’s working and what isn’t. Listen to the feedback you’re getting and use it to create a more formal strategy to foster and better manage remote workers.

And remember, at the end of the day, remote work success really comes down to two core functions: communicating and sharing. How you do these effectively depends on the tools you choose to invest in. So think about the struggles you’ve been facing now, identify a few tools that could help, and schedule your demos.

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