An Expert Review of Gusto's Employee Management Solution - 2021

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Author Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
Phil Strazzulla: HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
October 18, 2021
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With a user-friendly interface, Gusto is a tool for onboarding, time-tracking, payroll, benefits administration, and more.

What's Inside

Gusto Review

Formerly known as ZenPayroll, Gusto started out as a payroll software vendor marketed mainly towards small businesses. It has since added features for hiring, onboarding, time-tracking as well as benefits administration, making it worth considering if you’re looking for a system to manage your employees.

Gusto Customers

  • American Canning
  • Matchless Builds
  • Citizen Pilates

Gusto Stats

  • Used by over 100,000 small businesses
  • Three out of four customers say Gusto makes compliance easier
  • 90% of customers found switching to Gusto to be simple

Gusto Resources

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Key Gusto Features

  • Payroll
  • Hiring and onboarding 
  • Benefits administration
  • Expense management
  • Time and attendance tracking 
  • Paid time off (PTO) tracking

Gusto Implementation

Getting started with Gusto depends mostly on how quickly you can add your company’s info. Once you sign up, which takes seconds, their explorer will have you fill out data like pay schedules, tax information, worker’s comp, and add employees.

If you run into any issues, they provide a number where you can call with questions.

Gusto Customer Success

Gusto has a help center where the team is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm PT.

Gusto Key Integrations

In its own words, Gusto "plays nice with your favorite software." It syncs with most accounting software, such as Quickbooks and FreshBooks, and time tracking software such as When I Work and 7shifts. A full list of integrations can be found on their website.

What to be aware of

Gusto Pricing

Gusto’s Core plan is $6 per month per person, plus a $39 monthly base fee. It includes payroll, employee benefits, employee self-service portal, workers comp administration, onboarding tools, and much more. If you need to upgrade, their Complete plan is $12 per user per month. 

Gusto Concierge is also $12 per user per month, but the monthly base fee is $149. Lastly, if you haven’t hired W-2 employees yet, they have a Contractor plan that’s $6 user/month with no monthly base fee.

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