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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd Jan 17, 2022
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Used by massive companies including Facebook, Apple and Klarna, Qualified enables hiring managers to assess software engineers at scale with online coding tests in a natural coding environment.

What's Inside

Qualified Review

Qualified allows your team to effectively assess technical talent while saving your recruiting and engineering team time.  The platform was developed by the creators of CodeWars, a community where over 1 million engineers sharpen their skills.  They’re focused on unit-testing and test driven development to design assessments that mirror actual programming work as much as possible.  Their customers include Apple, GE and UC Berkeley.

Qualified Customers

Apple, Klarna, Domino's, Thinkful, Facebook, Zoom

Qualified Stats

  • Founded in 2016
  • Facilitates assessments for over 28 programming languages

Qualified Resources

No items found.

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Key Qualified Features

  • Standardized and custom assessments
  • Detailed benchmarking statistics
  • Code similarity and risk detection
  • Blind reviews
  • Automated scoring
  • Pair-programming interviews
  • Code playback

Qualified Implementation

Unless you want to use the embed tests, setting up Qualified takes minutes. To get started, head to Qualified’s website and click the Sign Up button at the top right corner. This will take you to a page where you can create a trial account and test out the platform’s features before making commitments.

Qualified Customer Success

Qualified has a documentation portal as well as an FAQ page with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the platform’s use. Besides resources, Qualified also offers email support.

Qualified Key Integrations

Qualified uses a REST API, webhooks, Zapier, SSO, and product embedding. They also integrate with some ATSs (BambooHr, Greenhouse, & Workable) and with LMSs like Teachable, TalentLMS, Skilljar, and Thinkific.

What to be aware of

Qualified Pricing

Qualified does offer a free trial. Beyond that, you need to get in touch with a sales rep to receive a custom quote based on your needs.

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Qualified Alternatives

Tech Assessment - CodinGameCodinGame

Gamify your tech assessments

Tech Assessment - HackerRankHackerRank

Free trial available

Tech Assessment - Filtered.aiFiltered.AI

Great platform for senior engineers

Tech Assessment - CoderPadCoderPad

Great for live coding interviews

Tech Assessment - CodilityCodility

Great developer feedback

Tech Assessment - ByteboardByteboard

Simulated coding tests

Tech Assessment - CodeSignalCodeSignal

Real world coding challenges

Qualified Alternatives

With an impressive 25+ languages supported, CodinGame's challenge-based training platform allows programmers to improve their coding skills and recruiters to source, screen and retain talented developers.
Used by massive companies including Facebook, Apple and Klarna, Qualified enables hiring managers to assess software engineers at scale with online coding tests in a natural coding environment.
Using sophisticated assessments, as well as candidate authentication and fraud detection tools, Filtered’s technical hiring solution allows you to maximize the quality of your current and future tech teams.
Codility’s technical recruitment platform allows hiring managers to test the coding skills of developers and make evidence-based hiring decisions at scale.
CodeSignal’s technical assessment solution packs professionally-designed coding tests and a proprietary predictive coding score, giving tech recruiters deep insights into candidates’ programming skills and abilities.
With over 2,500 customers, including 25% of Fortune 100 companies, HackerRank is one of the largest technical assessment and remote interview solutions available.
Byteboard interviews replace pre-onsite interviews across all of your key technical roles with a small, time-boxed project that simulates real-life asynchronous work.
CoderPad’s technical interview and screening tool is simple, fast, and powerful. It emulates a real-world, working environment and lets candidates write programs that run.