A Look At HackerRank's Candidate Assessments

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 13, 2021

HackerRank is one of the largest tech assessment platforms out there with customers such as AirBnB, DropBox and more.

What's Inside

HackerRank Review

The HackerRank Developer Skills Platform can boost your recruitment plan through each step of the candidate's journey. Their solution is used not only to assess tech skills, but to plan recruitment processes, source candidates, automate screening, interview people remotely, and rank the bes talent for each position.

HackerRank Customers

HackerRank is also used by brands like Cisco, Twitter, Bloomberg, and VMware.

HackerRank Stats

  • 2,000+ customers
  • 25% of their customer base are Fortune 100 companies
  • HackerRank as been used to assess over 11M developers
  • Library of 91 million coding challenges
  • In average, 70,000 assessments taken every day

HackerRank Resources

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Key HackerRank Features

  • Benchmarking: HackerRanks lets you benchmark each hiring decision against their entire community of 11M developers. You can compare the results of previous hires for similar roles, for example.
  • Performance funnels: You'll get an overall performance funnel where you can analyze how your candidates are scoring, and how engaged they are, through every step of the process.

HackerRank Implementation

Implementing times for HackerRank will vary depending on the plan you choose. You can get a custom implementation plan if you're going with the higher-end pricing schemes, or start in minutes with the free trial.

HackerRank Customer Success

HackerRank has a Customer Success department, 99.95% availability, an ISO 27001 certification, and are GDPR compliant. They also have several self-service resources like a knowledge base, tutorial videos, and regular training webinars.

HackerRank Key Integrations

HackerRank integrates with a variety of HR software, such as Workable, Avature, Greenhouse, Jobvite, JazzHr, Lever, Taleo, and more.

What to be aware of

HackerRank also has a product for university recruiting, aimed especially at hiring university grads. You can create a list of target schools and use it for career fairs & on-campus visits.

HackerRank Pricing

Aside from their free trial, HackerRank has four plans. The first is Interview, which is just $25 per month but gives you access only to the interview module. To get access to their tests, you'd have to start with the Platform plan, which is $249 per month and can process up to 30 candidates per month. Then, there's the Platform plan, at $599 per month and for 100 candidates each month. For larger hiring volumes, they have custom enterprise pricing.

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