An Expert Review of Brazen's Video Interviewing Solution - 2021

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, Jan 17, 2022
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Used by companies across different industries, universities, associations, and more, Brazen’s platform not only facilitates 1:1 video interviews, it can also be used to host virtual career fairs and large online hiring events.

What's Inside

Brazen Review

While Brazen is more of a virtual career fair platform (one of the best ones) they also have a video interview tool. You can use it to have high-quality video conversations in real time and as a part of broader user flows within their recruitment solution. It's easy to switch between text and video, even with multiple candidates at once. Scheduled video chats will also be available in the near future. Notably, Brazen also offers an HR chatbot that can handle a good percentage of the interactions with each candidate.

Brazen Customers

Spectrum, CVS Health, Temple University, Google

Brazen Stats

  • Founded in 2007
  • $13.4 million in funding

Brazen Resources

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Key Brazen Features

  • Virtual hiring events
  • Video chat
  • Live video broadcasting
  • Virtual benefits fairs

Brazen Implementation

The simplest version of their platform can be live in a few days, which gives your team the ability to try their solution before committing 100%.

Brazen Customer Success

As a solution geared towards large organizations, Brazen does have a burgeoning customer success department.

Brazen Key Integrations

Brazen has native and custom API integrations to ensure your candidate data seamlessly connects with your ATS and CRM. Your email, calendar, and documents can all sync to Brazen as well.

What to be aware of

Brazen Pricing

The pricing of Brazen’s plans isn’t disclosed on their website. Contact a Brazen Sales rep for a custom price quote.

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Brazen Alternatives

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Best video interview platform with full recruiting suite

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Video Interview - SparkHireSparkHire

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Video Interview - BrazenBrazen

Video interview + career fairs & chatbots

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Brazen Alternatives

VidCruiter is a leader in this space. Not only do they have a robust solution that facilitates both live and prerecorded video interviews, they also offer solutions for interview scheduling, virtual event hosting, applicant tracking, and assessment.
myInterview promises to speed up your time-to-hire by up to 60%. Its machine learning algorithms can scan your collection of video interviews/submissions to shortlist the most suitable candidates.
Trusted by over 6,000 organizations of all sizes across the globe, Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform promises to speed up your candidate screening process by 5 times.
Willo is all about simplifying the hiring process. All their plans, including a free-forever one, pack just enough features for teams with a limited recruitment budget and tight schedules.
Avature’s enterprise-grade video interviewing solution allows you to conduct both live and on-demand interviews efficiently. It also facilitates interview scheduling, be it for 1:1, group, or panel video interviews.
XOR is a comprehensive candidate screening solution powered by AI. You can use it to conduct both live and on-demand interviews, as well as rely on its AI chatbot to screen thousands of candidates.
Used by companies across different industries, universities, associations, and more, Brazen’s platform not only facilitates 1:1 video interviews, it can also be used to host virtual career fairs and large online hiring events.
Hireflix is all about simplicity; it focuses on one-way video only with a minimalist interface that doesn’t take very long to figure out.
HireVue is a solid video interview platform that keeps adding novel and relevant products to their offering, such as candidate assessment and AI recruiting.
Interviewstream specializes in video interviewing. Their platform facilitates both live and on-demand interviews, as well as packs features for interviewing prepping and scheduling.
Not only does Recright have a video interviewing tool that handles both live and pre-recorded interviews, they also have an applicant tracking system (ATS) that complements its video interviewing tool quite well.
OutMatch’s video interviewing tool is very user-friendly. It also integrates with Zoom or Microsoft Teams, enabling you to host interviews on there with the feedback and evaluation capabilities of Outmatch.
Designed with the input of industrial and organizational psychologists, Harver’s platform facilitates all sorts of pre-employment assessments, from virtual interviews to cognitive, behavioral, and skill assessments.