Symphony Talent Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

Symphony Talent's SmashFlyX is a powerful platform that combines CRM, career sites, and programmatic advertising for smart recruitment marketing and campaigning.

What's Inside

Symphony Talent Review

SmashFlyX was one of the pioneers in the recruitment marketing category. At one point, their solution powered 25% of the Fortune 500 including S&P, Rio Tino, and Ticketmaster with dynamic career sites, CRM, chatbots, and more. Now owned by Symphony Talent, they've expounded on the successful recruitment marketing software with referrals, internal mobility pathways, and no-code approach to workflows.

Symphony Talent Customers

Aside from the ones mentioned above, Symphony Talent's SmashflyX is also used by Mars, Advent Health, HP, Regis Corporation, and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Symphony Talent Stats

  • More than 600 customers around most corners of the world use SmashFlyX.
  • They helped Dick's Sporting Goods achieve an 80% reduction in cost per applicant.
  • At Ecolab, they assisted with a 25% increase in talent network leads.
  • This solution was also instrumental to get an 86% reduction in hiring time at Regis Corporation.

Symphony Talent Resources

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Key Symphony Talent Features

  • Programmatic Advertising: The SmashFlyX platform can automatically pace a budget prioritize certain job requisitions, and perfect the marketing channel mix by leveraging real-time data. As you would expect, this also integrates seamlessly with the CRM.
  • Recruitment Analytics: Every data point for each of your marketing efforts done within the platform (or even integrated products) is available in a central dashboard.

Symphony Talent Implementation

When starting to work with Symphony Talent, their consultants will take the time to analyze your business needs and determine what is needed for a successful launch. As to deployment, SmashFlyX is available as a web-based application, mobile on both Android and iOS, and as a desktop app in both PC or Mac.

Symphony Talent Customer Success

With SmashFlyX, customer support is only available during business hours. However, they do have a help center with detailed knowledge articles and tools like assessment testing and system status check. As for training, they offer it in-person, live via web call, or through regular webinars.

Symphony Talent Key Integrations

SmashFlyX is ATS agnostic. They integrate with everything from ADP, Workday, and Greenhouse to more niche solutions like Healthcare Source.

What to be aware of

While SmashFlyX has a truly comprehensive list of recruitment marketing features, the platform doesn't have a reference checking tool within.

Symphony Talent Pricing

Symphony Talent Alternatives


End-to-end solution


Automated recruitment marketing


Quick candidate sourcing


ATS/CRM combo with recruitment marketing


Dynamic career sites

Symphony Talent

Great for programmatic advertising


Multi-language support


AI-based employee lifecycle insights


Customizable engagement workflows