Paycor Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 18, 2021

Paycor has an entire resource center dedicated solely to your ACA needs.

What's Inside

Paycor Review

Paycor offers their ACA Connect service to ensure that your business is compliant. In fact, they created an entire support team dedicated to just that. They offer e-filing, real-time reporting tools, interactive dashboards, and an online resource center. ACA Connect comes in a bundle along with HR and benefits administration software.

Paycor Customers

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • The YMCA
  • Habitat for Humanity

Paycor Stats

  • 40,000 customers
  • Hundreds of integration and partner softwares on Paycor Marketplace

Paycor Resources

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Key Paycor Features

  • IRS Filing
  • Proactive Penalty Alerts
  • Generate Employee Forms
  • Dashboards and Interactive Charts

Paycor Implementation

Paycor has a five step plan to implementation, which they call GUIDE: 

  • Gather: They meet with your company to establish a timeline and share training resources.
  • Understand: They get to know your company’s specific needs. 
  • Import: They take all of your existing data to put into the new system. 
  • Deliver: They give you access to the platform and make sure all initial setup steps are smoothly completed. 
  • Evaluate: They review some key metrics and introduce you to your support team.

Timelines will be different based on your specific needs.

Paycor Customer Success

Paycor Key Integrations

Paycor hosts a marketplace with hundreds of solutions that it can integrate with.

What to be aware of

If you're just looking for an ACA tool, Paycor isn't for you. It will work best for companies needing an entire HCM, which happens to have a great ACA module.

Paycor Pricing

Paycor's ACA Connect service is an add-on to their greater HR software. Therefore, you're paying for an entire HCM. The ACA is relevant only to companies with over 50 employees. This means you'll have to pay for their Mid-Market plan, which doesn't have listed prices online. You'll have to meet with their sales team to negotiate pricing. However, you do get the bonus of a free first three months.

Paycor Alternatives

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Tried-and-true name in payroll hosts great ACA solution


Great for enterprises looking for a full HR suite


Great ACA compliance solution for mid-sized businesses needing an HR suite


Trusted vendor of over 40,000 businesses