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Flow XO Versus the Competition

Flow XO allows you to build, host, and manage chatbots across multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Web, Slack, and SMS. Since it is a no-code solution, users can easily create chatbots for various use cases, such as virtually welcoming users, answering questions, providing customer support, accepting payments, and more.

If you're ready to get a Flow XO demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

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  • Flow XO has many marketing tools that you can leverage to drive campaigns and capture leads. These include Facebook ads, auto-reply to Facebook comments, custom URLs for your chatbot, native Facebook and website widgets, the option to create buttons, and more. 
  • Because Flow XO is an omnichannel solution, you can build chatbot widgets and use them across different platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and Telegram.
  • Flow XO requires no coding or programming skills. You can either use the pre-existing templates to build your flow or create your own conversational flows from scratch using the elements available. 
  • Flow XO is beneficial for those who run an e-commerce business as they can accept payments through the chatbot by integrating it with Stripe.
  • While most chatbots today offer integration with Zapier and Integromat, Flow XO does not, limiting the number of third-party applications you can connect to your chatbot.
  • Unlike other chatbots that send notifications to live agents when human intervention is needed, Flow XO requires agents to monitor conversations and manually take over when required. This somewhat defeats the purpose of an automated chatbot.
  • ‍While Flow XO can recognize keywords entered by the user, it does not understand intents or entities. This means that you'll have to integrate your chatbot with Dialogflow to make it more "intelligent".

Flow XO Review

Flow XO is a no-code automation product that allows you to create multiple workflows, build chatbots and host them across various platforms, in turn, helping you communicate and engage with your customers.

Flow XO's dashboard has a pretty basic interface with an overview of your chatbots, conversational flows, and the last interactions. When creating a new chatbot flow, you can choose to use one of the 11 readymade templates or build your flow from scratch. Either way, adding a bot and setting up a flow is pretty simple. However, Flow XO does not provide a visual flow builder, unlike some of its competitors. 

With Flow XO, you can build a chatbot on channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, SMS, and websites. This allows you to provide users with an omnichannel experience. What's nice about Flow XO is that they provide many marketing tools businesses can use to engage with their audience. Some of them include Facebook and website widgets, landing pages, auto-reply, and custom URLs. 

Flows Simple Bot platform

Flow XO's chatbot can answer simple questions by identifying keywords within the conversation, provide multiple-choice answers, gather information about customers, pre-filter leads, accept payments, and even provide light-hearted entertainment for your customers.

Flow XO has a reporting dashboard that provides basic analytics like the number of users, the number of messages sent/received, and the top-performing flows. However, information like the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and user retention is unavailable. Further, you cannot do any kind of optimization through A/B testing. That being said, you can integrate Flow XO with Google Analytics to gather more data about the chatbot. 

Overall, the platform is affordable compared to other chatbot solutions on the market, works on multiple platforms, is easy to set up, and requires no coding/programming expertise.

Who shouldn't buy Flow XO

Flow XO will not be a good fit if you're a large-scale enterprise looking to build sophisticated workflows or automate your live customer support conversations. It is also not ideal for businesses that have high-level security requirements (online banking) or deal with sensitive information collection.

Flow XO Customers

Edsby, Royal College of Art, and Smart Pump

Flow XO: An affordable, no-code omnichannel chatbot

Flow XO Key Features

  • Live chat: Flow XO allows you to transfer conversations from the chatbot to live agents. However, this can only be done if an agent is monitoring a conversation and manually takes over.
  • Broadcasting: You can broadcast messages to active users using webhooks and triggers. You can also use the filter function to segment the people you want to send the broadcast to. 
  • Automated workflows: Using Flow XO, you can trigger a workflow to perform a set of tasks at any point during a conversation.
  • Payment processing: You can accept payments using your chatbot by integrating Flow XO with Stripe. Once your chatbot identifies the product/service a customer wants to purchase, it can send a payment request specifying the amount to be paid, currency, and a link to the payment portal.
  • Analytics: Flow XO has a reporting dashboard that provides basic analytics like the total number of users, active users, number of triggers, number of messages sent and received, and top-performing messages.

Flow XO also includes features like welcome greetings, automated Facebook comment replies, lead pre-filtering, and multiple-choice answers.

Flow XO Key Integrations

You can integrate Flow XO with 100+ third-party apps, including ActiveCampaign, Base, Adobe Document, Basecamp 2, AgileZen, Beepsend, BigCommerce, Buffer, Campaign Monitor, Capsule CRM, Constant Contact, Eventbrite, Flowdock, Freshdesk, GitHub, Google Workspace, Help Scout, Jotform, Jira, and LinkedIn.

Flow XO Pricing

Flow XO has a free plan that offers up to 500 interactions, 2 weeks of logs, email support, 5 bots or active flows, and access to Flow XO chat and workflow. You can also upgrade to their Standard Plan, priced at $19/month. This plan includes 5,000 interactions, 15 bots or active flows, 3 months of logs, access to 5 team members, and priority support. 

You can also choose to add 5 bots or active flows per month for $10 or 25,000 interactions for $25/month.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Flow XO is Best For

While Flow XO serves customers of all sizes, the sweet spot for their product is SMBs and startups.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

How Has Flow XO Changed Over Time?

Flow XO Implementation

Once you've signed up on Flow XO's website, you can immediately start building your chatbots in six easy steps:

  • Define purpose and objectives: Brainstorm what you want to achieve with the chatbot first to guide you on how to build its persona and chat flows.
  • Build your flows: Set triggers and actions for your chatbot.
  • Test: Test and review your chatbot's performance within the Flow XO interface so you can make necessary fixes before it goes live.
  • Connect: Connect your chatbot and use the same flows with as many channels as you want.
  • Market: Use different tools to market your chatbot, like paid ads, email marketing, or organic traffic. This will drive traffic to your messaging channels.
  • Monitor: Connect your chatbot to Google Analytics for real-time monitoring to measure and evaluate your performance.

Flow XO Customer Success

Customer support is available via email and live chat from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT. Users can also join the community, visit the help center, or check out Flow XO tutorials for guides and tips.

About Flow XO

Flow XO was established by John Jackson, who is also the founder of Chalkboard - an organization that builds simple tools to help businesses, independents, and professionals work better.  The goal behind building Flow XO was to create a solution that allowed companies to provide 24/7 support services across multiple platforms.

As a next step you can visit the Flow XO website or read our research on the .

As a next step you can visit the Flow XO website or read our research on the .

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