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Harver: An In-Depth Expert Review

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What is Harver?

Harver provides an in depth candidate assessment suite to help any organization to hire the right people for any role. They use a team of Industrial (IO)and organizational psychologists to help their customers to understand their organization, develop profiles of skills/behaviors/culture for top performers, and then design pre-employment testing to ensure companies hire right fit employees.

In addition to their software, Harver will also build a hands on relationship with your company with their team of assessment experts to ensure the right candidate screening is in place for each of your key roles.

What Types of Companies is Harver Best For?

Harver's software was originally designed for the largest corporations. That said, they've built a mid market solution called HarverGo which is specifically designed for companies with a few hundred employees and up.

So, if you're hiring hundreds of people, up to hundreds of thousands of people, per year, this is a good solution for your company. If you are only hiring a few dozen, or these hires are very disparate in terms of their profile (for example, you hire 1 accountant, 1 customer service rep, etc), then candidate assessments in general may be a bit pre-mature for your business.

Some of their key customers include: McDonald's, Netflix, KPMG, UI Path, and many more.

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