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The 30 BEST HR Blogs: Enhance Your HR Know-How (Q1 2024)

Our HR experts reviewed top HR blogs and websites for professionals...

Evelyn Duskey
HR tech and digital transformation writer
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The key to reaching your potential as an HR specialist is keeping your skills sharp. To help, our experts have analyzed the top HR websites and blogs to find out where top HR professionals, like you, can get up-to-date news on the latest trends, topics, and thought leadership strategies.

To pick the best HR and HR Tech blogs, we looked at:

  • Monthly organic web traffic
  • Social media following
  • Content quality

We’ve separated our findings on the best HR blogs into three categories: Sites primarily concerned with HR Tech, Single author sites, and Multi-author sites.

In This Article

Best HR Tech Blogs

Since you're reading this, we want to thank you for supporting the SelectSoftware Reviews Blog, which in itself is a great source of HR and HR Tech news which we update all the time. Besides ourselves, here are the 10 best HR websites and blogs for those with a specific interest in HR Tech.

HRD HR blog

1. HRD

Website’s Stats

Owner: HRD Australia

Year Founded: 2010

Monthly Readership: 72.3K

Social Media Following:

HRD (Human Resources Director) is an Australian-based magazine “written for and targeted purely at the most senior HR professionals (CHROs & HR Directors) and top corporate decision makers.”

The website is a hub for HR news, written by top experts in every HR specialization. While the magazine may cater to the Australian market, subsections of the website include New Zealand, Asia, Canada, and the US, making HRD a useful international resource.

Why did we pick this blog?

HRD is a widely used resource for HR news, especially among top-level professionals. Readers specifically interested in HR Tech can easily navigate the HRD website and get relevant and interesting articles on tech and the future of work.

HRD’s Famous HR Articles

How to Ask for a Doctor’s Note from Your Employee

Democratic Leaders Pressure Biden to Extend Student Loan Pause

Meta Embraces ‘Work from Anywhere’ Ahead of Return to Office

2. FactorialHR Blog

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Factorial HR Software

Year Founded: 2016

Monthly Readership: 81.7K

Social Media Following:

Factorial is an HR software that helps professionals manage essential processes all in one place. Given that modern HR software is highly dependent on the latest tech, the Factorial blog is kept up-to-date with helpful articles on how to best utilize some of the essential HR software and systems.

This blog is a great resource if you are an HR professional just starting to dip your toes into the world of HR Tech.

Why did we pick this blog?

On top of having a huge collection of articles with advice and how-to’s, Factorial’s blog includes a resource library with templates, webinars, and podcasts. There is also a sub-section just for interviews with other top HR professionals, for anyone looking to feel inspired.

Factorial Famous HR Articles

Work Culture Definition: What Does It Really Mean?

Bereavement Leave in California and Across the US

What You Should Really Know About Time Off in Lieu

Related read: We showcase Factorial HR and other amazing software solutions for start-ups and micro organizations in our Buyer Guide on HR Software for Small Businesses.

Human Resources Executive Blog

3. HR Executive

Website’s Stats

Owner: Human Resource Executive

Year Founded: 1987

Monthly Readership: 20K

Social Media Following:

Human Resource Executive is one of the longest-running HR media sources available on the web today. Created in 1987, the organization is aimed toward vice presidents and directors of HR, with straightforward articles and HR news analysis. The website contains updates, insights, and reports related to HR technology, while also covering broader topics such as strategy, leadership, and research in the field. Information about upcoming conferences, webinars, and additional resources is also available.

Why did we pick this blog?

HR Executive has a longstanding reputation, a loyal following, and provides indispensable information for HR executives and leaders. It is the kind of content HR people should be reading if they want to bring their A-game to work.

HR Executive Famous HR Articles

Hsas, Fsas and 401(K)S: 11 Numbers to Know for 2022

Ginger Zee to Headline 2022 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Josh Bersin HR blog

4. Josh Bersin

Blog’s Stats

Owner: The Josh Bersin Company

Year Founded: 2018

Monthly Readership: 12.6K

Social Media Following:

Founded by Josh Bersin, the Josh Bersin Company works to support and guide HR organizations from around the world. This website is a goldmine for the latest information on HR technology, as well as high-level articles on work, talent, learning, and leadership. If you’re looking to stay updated on news, research, and findings in the HR industry, this is your corner of the internet.

Why did we pick this blog?

The Josh Bersin Company website posts relevant content about updates in HR technology as well as other topics with easy-to-follow references. Bersin has a solid reputation and a large following.

Josh Bersin Famous HR Articles

Predictions for 2022: Everything Is About To Change

Enter Microsoft Viva Engage. A Real Social Network For The Enterprise?


Website’s Stats


Year Founded: 2011

Monthly Readership: 12.5K

Social Media Following:

UNLEASH is self-described as “the world’s leading provider of market intelligence on the future of work and HR technology”. With the successful UNLEASH America conference under its belt, and a huge community of experts and contributors, UNLEASH is indeed a go-to website for all things in HR Tech, news, and research. Readers will also find easy-to-digest content, in-depth analysis, short videos, webinars, and podcasts on topics ranging from leadership to employee engagement.

Why did we pick this blog?

UNLEASH’s interface is modern and easy to navigate. The articles on HR Tech are relevant and exciting, and UNLEASH’s global community is rapidly growing.

UNLEASH Famous HR Articles

Payfit Becomes Latest Unicorn after $289M Raise

Huffington’s Thrive Global Raises $80M to Tackle Burnout

Here’s Why Salesforce Invested $15M in HR Software Startup Darwinbox

SignInPlus HR blog

6. SightsIn Plus

Website’s Stats

Owner: SightsIn Plus HR Magazine

Year Founded: 2017

Monthly Readership: 11K

Social Media Following:

SightsIn Plus is a monthly HR Magazine based out of India. The website provides a great space for up-to-date information and news about the HR industry. With a focus on young leaders and “their challenges, perspectives, and observations”, SightsIn Plus is a fantastic resource for insights into global HR Tech, as well as a place to read interesting interviews and showcases of professionals in the industry.

Why did we pick this blog?

SightsIn Plus is an easy-to-navigate website featuring some of the biggest headlines in the HR and HR Tech industry. HR professionals from around the world can garner a global perspective by browsing this online publication.

SightsIn Plus Famous HR Articles

Ford to Layoff up to 8,000 Jobs

What Does Google Pay as Death Benefits to Families on the Demise of Its Staff?

Accenture Is Hiring Women Professionals with Career Break

TalentCulture Blog

7. TalentCulture

Blog’s Stats

Owner: TalentCulture HR Marketing Services

Year Founded: 2008

Monthly Readership: 6K

Social Media Following:

TalentCulture is an HR marketing, empowerment, and support company. Backed by a community-oriented mission, the TalentCulture website brings together some of the best resources in the industry. From e-books to webinars, to the popular #WorkTrends podcast, HR professionals at any point in their careers have access to useful and relevant information. TalentCulture’s Tech Awards showcase some of the latest HR Tech software products.

Why did we pick this blog?

TalentCulture has a robust following and supports a huge community of HR professionals. Each article is informational and incredibly quick and easy to read - we aren’t using that word lightly, most of the posts take three to eight minutes to get through.

Talent Culture’s Blog Famous HR Articles

What Does a Criminal Background Check Look For?

7 Things to Consider Before Signing That NDA

How to Manage Diversity in the Workplace

8. HRTech Series

Website’s Stats

Owner: HRTech Series

Monthly Readership: 4.8K

Social Media Following:

HRTech Series is a media website absolutely dedicated to HR Tech. With articles dedicated to topics such as analytics, AI, automation, and machine learning, this website is a great resource for reading up on “contemporary and futuristic scenarios in the HR technology realm.” HRTech Series provides insights, news, and interviews with top HR professionals and experts. There is also an in-depth resource library with infographics, webinars, and whitepapers for anyone looking to do a deep dive.

Why did we pick this website?

The HRTech Series website is perfect for readers looking for information on specific tech topics. The website is easy to navigate and has a consistent flow of relevant and interesting articles.

HRTech Series Famous HR Articles

Massiveu Launches ‘Solvably Talent’ to Support Behavioral Change among Corporate Talent

ILobby Announces More than usd100M Strategic Investment from Insight Partners to Scale

Go-To-Market Strategy and Expand Product Capabilities

HR Tech weekly

9. HR Tech Weekly

Website’s Stats

Owner: The HR Tech Weekly

Monthly Readership: 2.2K

Social Media Following:

HR Tech Weekly is an online media company that curates articles about HR from social media and other open sources. As the name suggests, HR Tech Weekly is focused on the tech side of HR, with extra attention given to big data, AI, and virtual and augmented reality.

The website includes many niche articles about the role of HR in specific industries, as well as practical articles about topics such as data archiving and tech implementation.

Why did we pick this website?

HR Tech Weekly is an ideal place to read about HR and tech news, as well as a community for those that are passionate and hungry for the topic.

HR Tech Weekly Famous HR Articles

How Employee Workplace Experience will Determine Office Engagement

6 Best Practices of Successful HR Tech Implementation

HT Tech Feed Website

10. HR Tech Feed

Website’s Stats

Owner: RecTech Media

Year Founded: 2019

Monthly Readership: 2.1K

Social Media Following:

RecTech Media is an organization based around recruiting technology and keeping recruiters informed and empowered. The HR Tech Feed provides a “daily dose of HR technology news” by aggregating and publishing the latest relevant articles in one convenient place. For HR professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve, the HR Tech Feed is a space for accessing updates almost in real-time, thanks to the assistance of the HR Tech bot that is constantly “scouring the web for HR Tech stories.”

Why did we pick this blog?

HR Tech Feed publishes daily updates on everything related to HR Tech. It’s a great website for checking in on the absolute latest news in the industry, even if it’s not big, headline-making stories.

HR Tech Feed Famous HR Articles

Madrid Based Job and talent Secures €100m for Expansion

Instawork Raises $60M for Work Marketplace Connecting Local Businesses With Skilled Hourly Workers

Madrid-based Jobandtalent Raises $108 Million

Best HR Blogs Run by a Single Thought Leader

Here are ten of the best human resource blogs and websites from today’s top HR authors, speakers, and workplace leaders.

Adam Grant HR blog

11. Adam Grant

Website’s Stats

Owner: Adam Grant

Monthly Readership: 23.5K

Social Media Following:

Adam Grant is on the pulse of what work does, could, and should look like in the modern age.

As an organizational psychologist, his expertise sheds serious insight into the subjects of motivation, meaning, assumptions, and creativity in the workplace. Grant is a best-selling author, renowned speaker, podcaster, and a decidedly popular thought leader. His website includes a categorized collection of all of his published articles, making it easy to find information on a wide variety of topics related directly and indirectly to the workplace.

Why did we pick this blog?

Adam Grant’s body of work is influential. With nearly 700K Twitter followers and articles published in some of the biggest names in media, HR professionals can gain important insight into the changing nature of how people see work.

Adam Grant’s Famous HR Articles

Give and Take Quiz

There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing

Ask a manager HR blog

12. Ask a Manager

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Alison Green

Monthly Readership: 123.8K

Social Media Following:

Alison Green, while not an HR specialist, has had plenty of experience “hiring, firing, promoting, managing, [and] all of that”. As a former chief of staff for a successful non-profit her blog, Ask a Manager, is full of noteworthy advice to employees, employers, and anyone in a managerial or leadership role.

Green is a natural columnist, producing articles that are friendly, knowledgeable, and give great perspective into the type of issues and uncertainties faced by both employees and managers in the workplace today.

Why did we pick this blog?

Alison Green’s blog is one of the most visited single-author human resources websites on this list. Her wide readership captures the landscape of modern workplace concerns for employees and leaders alike.

Ask A Manager Famous HR Articles

My Best Employee Quit on the Spot because I Wouldn’t Let Her Go to Her College Graduation

Does my New Job Expect Me to Wear Expensive Designer Clothes?

My Employee Wasn’t Respectful Enough After the Company Messed Up Her Paycheck

13. HR Bartender

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Sharlyn Lauby

Year Founded: 2008

Monthly Readership: 5K

Social Media Following:

HR Bartender and its creator, Sharlyn Lauby, have a solid, reputable history as trusted HR advice-givers. Known for its casual, approachable tone and various HR topics, HR Bartender is a great resource if you’re looking for a “friendly place to discuss workplace issues.” With plenty of fresh content each week, readers can opt to subscribe or search through the archives for wisdom on subjects such as leadership, career advice, employee engagement, and more.

Why did we pick this blog?

Sharlyn Lauby has a large following, and for a good reason – she knows her stuff. The friendly tone of her articles makes readers want to keep up-to-date with her latest posts. We like to think of her as a noteworthy HR influencer.

HR Bartender Famous HR Articles

The Difference Between Goals, Objectives and Outcomes

The Difference Between Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

HOW TO: Have a Performance Conversation With An Employee

Laurie Ruettimann HR blog

14. Laurie Ruettimann

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Laurie Ruettimann

Monthly Readership: 3.5 K

Social Media Following:

Reading Laurie Ruettimann’s blog is like talking to a friend if your friend had an extensive background in HR and was on a mission to “fix work.” Ruettimann, an experienced HR professional, became a writer, speaker, and podcaster to provoke long overdue changes in workplace culture. She is successful at it, working with major companies as a keynote speaker and consultant. Most of her posts are topical, funny, and incredibly useful for readers hoping to engage, support, and empower employees.

Why did we pick this blog?

Laurie Ruettiman's persona is incredibly friendly, and her blog covers relevant and hard-hitting topics from an HR perspective. She gives trustworthy advice and has a large following.

Laurie Ruettimann Famous HR Articles

Recruiter Mercedes Johnson Tells Her Side of the Story

All Jobs Suck (Yes, I'm talking to you!)

Can HR Fire Me?

Evil HR lady blog

15. Evil HR Lady

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Suzanne Lucas

Monthly Readership: 1.3K

Social Media Following:

Suzanne Lucas, or the so-called “Evil HR Lady” gives straightforward, refreshingly candid responses to a variety of HR questions and current subjects. You may be familiar with Lucas from her Ted Talk or various INC contributions, but the Evil HR Lady blog is the single place for all of her fantastic insights, musings, and advice. With short, easy-to-digest posts written in an often offhand, humorous tone, you’ll find articles that are both knowledgeable and fun to read.

Why did we pick this blog?

Suzanne Lucas provides a knowledgeable and sometimes biting perspective on the day-to-day of the HR industry. Her articles are helpful and entertaining. Evil HR Lady has a firm reputation and Lucas a wide following.

Evil HR Lady Famous HR Articles

4 Lessons for Employers from Reddit’s Antiwork Community

If I Refuse a 20 Percent Pay Cut, is it a Resignation or Termination?

Applying for New Jobs While on FMLA

16. The Chief Happiness Officer

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Alexander Kjerulf

Monthly Readership: 2.5K

Social Media Following:

Alexander Kjerulf, aka the Chief Happiness Officer for the firm Woohoo Inc, is an author, speaker, and expert on happiness in the workplace. In his blog, you’ll find a variety of short insightful articles, YouTube videos, and cheeky listicles all focused on workplace productivity, passion, and above all, happiness.

Easy to consume and backed by facts, Kjerulf’s blog is a casual and fun way for HR professionals to become more informed about employee and enterprise satisfaction.

Why did we pick this blog?

Understanding the employee experience is a pillar of the HR role. The Chief Happiness Officer is a popular website offering incredible insight into workplace happiness.

The Chief Happiness Officer's Famous HR Articles

The Feel Factor – Why No Workplace Can Afford to Ignore What People Feel

Natural and Synthetic Happiness at Work – Here’s Why You Need Both

The HR capitalist blog

17. The HR Capitalist

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Kris Dunn

Monthly Readership: 2.7K

Social Media Following:

Kris Dunn is an experienced HR executive with a philosophy centered on building a great team and then giving that team what they need to succeed. The HR Capitalist is a collection of Dunn’s advice, knowledge, and thoughtful visions.

While posts are no longer frequent, HR professionals can click through a variety of categories and gain useful perspectives from the archives. Dunn has a clear voice and his viewpoint on the nature of successful HR shines through.

Why did we pick this blog?

Kris Dunn offers inspirational, relatable, and incredibly useful advice. Despite infrequent updates, his blog still garners a fair amount of traffic and Dunn has a large following.

The HR Capitalist Famous HR Articles

What To Do If Your Company Doesn't Give MLK as an Official Holiday - But You Think You Should…

The Top 100 Movie Quotes for HR Pros: #91 is from Fast Times at Ridgemont High: "Learn It, Know It, Live It..."

Related read: If you’re interested in understanding more about different HR approaches, check out our article on the top 10 HR models.

upstart HR blog

18. upstartHR

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Ben Eubanks

Year Founded: 2009

Monthly Readership: 1.5K

Social Media Following:

Ben Eubanks is an HR analyst, author, and podcaster. He currently works as Chief Research Officer at an HR research and advice firm. Eubanks recently published a book on artificial intelligence in the HR sector. His blog showcases his career growth, with older content focused on resources for up-and-coming HR professionals. Today, you can listen to Eubanks' podcast “We’re Only Human” directly from his blog, which focuses on the role of technology and HR in the workplace.

Why did we pick this blog?

upstartHR and its founder, Ben Eubanks, cover the HR experience from getting certified to becoming an expert in HR technology and the future of work.

Ben Eubanks Famous HR Articles

Free PHR Exam Resources

Which HR Certification is Better? An Analysis of the SHRM-CP and PHR [Updated 2021]

Best HR Blogs Run by an Organization

Here are our favorite multi-author blogs, including some from popular HR software companies. Unfamiliar with HR software? Check out our list of human resource software to learn more about what it does, and the vendor we recommend.

SHRM website homepage

19. SHRM

Website’s Stats

Owner: Society for Human Resource Management

Year Founded: 1969

Monthly Readership: 3M

Social Media Following:

The SHRM (​​Society for Human Resource Management) is the “voice of all things work, workers, and the workplace.” SHRM is the body behind the popular publication HR Magazine and also provides the SHRM certification. The website has links to the digital edition of the magazine, as well as a robust blog and news section. Resources such as employee handbooks, glossaries, and checklists can also be found on the site, although some items are only available to members.

Why did we pick this website?

The SHRM website has the highest amount of traffic of any site on this list - for good reason. The homepage alone provides a snapshot of HR news, important dates, and links to numerous resources.

SHRM Famous HR Articles

IRS Raises Standard Mileage Rate for Final Half of 2022

Understanding Employee Onboarding

Insperity HR blog

20. Insperity HR Blog

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Insperity HR

Year Founded: 1986

Monthly Readership: 107.6K

Social Media Following:

Insperity is an HR solutions company working with the ethos that human resources is a key driver of growth, and contributes to a business’s bottom line”. In business since 1986, Insperity has a lot of experience, resources, and information to offer, especially for small to medium-sized companies. Their blog covers a range of HR topics, but is mostly focused on the how to’s and the why’s of creating better company culture, leadership, productivity, and hiring.

Why did we pick this blog?

With years of experience in the industry, Insperity has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. The topics are practical and easy to digest, so it’s easy to jump from one topic to another, making it a great place for general, well-rounded advice.

Insperity’s Blog Famous HR Articles

Employee Leave of Absence: Everything You Need to Know

Employee Recognition Ideas: 52 Epic Ways to Give Rewards

10 Top Traits of Great Bosses

Snacknation HR blog

21. SnackNation Blog

Blog’s Stats

Owner: SnackNation

Year Founded: 2014

Monthly Readership: 875.6K

Social Media Following:

SnackNation is a company with a mission “to find emerging, health-conscious snack brands and connects them around the snack bowl with like-minded people.” It may not sound like the kind of organization with a plethora of HR-related advice, but it is! SnackNation works to put healthier snack options in the office, with a huge part of their service based on making the workplace more healthy, fun, and productive. The SnackNation blog offers articles about company culture, retention, recognition, hiring, and more.

Why did we pick this blog?

Of any third-party company on this list, SnackNation’s blog has the most monthly readers. The blog has plenty of advice about the best snacks for your team, but also provides useful advice for boosting employee happiness, nutrition, appreciation, and more.

SnackNation Famous HR Articles

121 Best Healthy Snack Ideas That Are Easy & Delicious In 2022 For Every Type of Snacker

141 Motivational Quotes For Work In 2022 That Will Inspire Your Employees

47 Best Retirement Gift Ideas That Are Uniquely Fun For 2022

22. TINYpulse Blog

Blog’s Stats

Owner: TINYpulse Employee Engagement Software

Year Founded: 2012

Monthly Readership: 194.9K

Social Media Following:

TINYpulse is a well-respected employee engagement software. The TINYpulse blog is a fun, and authoritative resource for topics such as company culture, recruitment, retention, engagement strategies, and remote work. The articles are fresh, consumable, and backed with statics and survey findings, making them great resources for HR professionals hoping to gain a better understanding of engagement.

Why did we pick this blog?

We know it, you know it, we all know it: employee engagement is a hot topic. TINYpulse is a leader in the industry regarding employee engagement software. Their blog is a reflection of that, and a place you can find subtopics about employee engagement you didn’t even know existed.

TINYpulse Famous HR Articles

11 Icebreaker Games for Work Your Team Will Love

50 Self-evaluation Phrases for Your Next Performance Review

undercover recruiters blog

23. Undercover Recruiter

Website’s Stats

Owner: Link Humans

Monthly Readership: 62.3K

Social Media Following:

Undercover Recruiter is a blog run by the UK company LinkHumans, which aims to “help organizations create the kind of employer brands that attract, engage, and retain the best people in their marketplace.” The Undercover Recruiter blog includes articles for recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers alike. A bonus: the information comes in a variety of perspectives, giving readers a range of insight.

Why did we pick this website?

Recruiting in today’s market comes with as many uncertainties as ever. Undercover Recruiter is a popular website for finding insightful, expert advice on this topic.

Undercover Recruiter Famous HR Articles

10 Reasons to Screen Applicants When You’re Recruiting

Top 7 Qualities of a Successful Team

HR Zone website

24. HRZone

Website’s Stats

Owner: HRZone

Year Founded: 2000

Monthly Readership: 59.4K

Social Media Following:

HRZone is a collection of all things HR. The topics it covers include employment law, HR technology, leadership, recruitment, talent management, wellbeing, diversity benefits, and training. In addition to articles offering industry advice, how-to’s, and think pieces, there is academic research and reports available to explore - all in one place.

Why did we pick this blog?

HRZone is set up as a digital media publication, allowing readers to keep up-to-date with all things HR. The website is incredibly popular and easy to navigate.

HRZone Famous HR Articles

5 Reasons Why Leaders Are Made Not Born

Micro-Behaviours: What They Are and How They Impact Inclusion

Emotional Intelligence: Do You Know the Four Basic Components?

Bamboo HR blog

25. Bamboo HR

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Bamboo HR Software

Year Founded: 2008

Monthly Readership: 64.6K

Social Media Following:

Bamboo HR is a company that offers HR software for small and medium-sized companies and notedly made our list of the best free HR software. Their blog is a collection of articles from HR experts covering topics such as HR long-term strategies, industry trends, best practices, and more. The Bamboo HR blog is a great place to keep sharp and up-to-date about HR happenings, and also for practical advice around hiring, retention, performance reviews, and other day-to-day concerns for HR employees.

Why did we pick this blog?

The Bamboo HR blog is a popular destination for those looking for HR advice. With eight defined categories, it’s easy for readers to find the type of information they are looking for.

Bamboo’s Blog Famous HR Articles

The Best Questions to Ask in Performance Reviews

The Quick Guide to an Effective Recruitment Process

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Part-Time and Full-Time

Workology HR blog

26. Workology

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Jessica Miller-Merrell

Year Founded: 2005

Monthly Readership: 11.1K

Social Media Following:

Founder of Workology, Jessica Miller-Merrell, made the conscious move from HR executive to HR thought leader and speaker. The Workology blog, which Jessica contributes to often, is a treasure trove of information, wisdom, and tips to help any HR-adjacent individual find their way through the industry. Although the blog covers a large variety of topics, it is especially useful for those looking for resources and ideas around recruiting and hiring.

Why did we pick this blog?

Workology is a popular and trusted space for anyone on the HR spectrum -- from those just starting, to those that have been in the industry for a while. Jessica Miller-Merrell, who helms the project, has a large and loyal following, partly due to her status as a disruptive HR thought leader. We recommend checking out her podcast of the same name.

Workology Famous HR Articles

Your Guide to HR Organizational Chart and Department Structures

What Does the SHRM-CP Stand For?

27 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism

Hppy HR blog home page

27. Hppy

Website’s Stats

Owner: Hppy Company

Year Founded: 2012

Monthly Readership: 21.2K

Social Media Following:

Hppy is a one-stop shop for the HR and employee engagement community. Boasting an excellent contributors list, the Hppy website and blog is a great place to look if you require resources for boosting employee engagement. Other topics include business management, HR trends, and company culture.

Why did we pick this blog?

Hppy is a fantastic resource for gathering insights, reviewing reports, and comparing software, specifically related to employee engagement. The blog page is incredibly well organized and includes topics that are broad and practical, as well as specific and interesting.

Hppy Famous HR Articles

25 Employee Engagement Ideas

8 Small But Powerful Ways To Recognize Employees

7 Responsibilities of HR Professionals

TLNT HR blog

28. TLNT

Website’s Stats

Owner: TLNT / ERE Media

Year Founded: 2010

Monthly Readership: 13.3K

Social Media Following:

TLNT is a talent management and HR website with articles spanning from niche practical concerns, such as in-office relationships, to updates about happenings in the HR industry, such as HR conference reviews. The TLNT website also includes succinct summaries of recent research in the field and some exciting think pieces from knowledgeable contributors. Readers can check out TLNT’s sister blog ERE for a similar, recruiting-specific experience.

Why did we pick this blog?

TLNT has a wonderful collection of up-to-date articles and an easy-to-use interface, making it a great choice for HR news and insights.

TLNT Famous HR Articles

10 Reasons to Focus Your Workforce on Value of Teamwork

7 Reasons to Care About Employee Morale

America’s Missing Workforce

Namely HR blog

29. Namely Blog

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Namely HR Platform

Year Founded: 2012

Monthly Readership: 24.9K

Social Media Following:

Namely is an HR platform that caters to mid-sized organizations. The Namely blog provides an ample sampling of all sorts of HR topics, from payroll to compliance, to benefits and employee retention. With useful and expert advice, the articles are easy to read and especially helpful for aspiring HR leaders that use HR Tech in their day-to-day.

Why did we pick this blog?

Namely is a fantastic HR software and not only is their blog frequently utilized, but contains a wealth of helpful information - especially around payroll.

Namely Famous HR Articles

What Happens When Payday Falls on a Holiday or Weekend?

What Is Bereavement Leave?

Why Employees Love Getting Paid Biweekly

Bonusly HR blog

30. Bonusly Blog

Blog’s Stats

Owner: Bonusly Employee Recognition Software

Year Founded: 2012

Monthly Readership: 29.6K

Social Media Following:

Bonusly is an employee engagement and recognition platform, that helps companies and HR professionals alike find meaningful and automated ways to reward and retain employees. The Bonusly blog, in turn, is a fantastic resource for topics related to company culture, employee motivation, and keeping teams connected. With knowledgeable contributors and a friendly, easy-to-read tone, this blog is perfect for those looking to fine-tune employee satisfaction and appreciation.

Why did we pick this blog?

Bonsusly is a popular employee recognition software and their blog is full of useful tips on how to best recognize and reward your employees.

Bonusly Blog Famous HR Articles

65 Creative Employee Reward Ideas

15 Excellent Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation

Keeping sharp in your industry is always a good idea – not only for reaching your full potential but for making informed everyday decisions, and knowing how to utilize the tools at hand.

The HR blogs and websites above are 2022’s best sources for expanding your knowledge and casually improving your know-how.

Evelyn Duskey
HR tech and digital transformation writer
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Evelyn Duskey is a writer, content producer, and music writer with a Masters Degree of Arts from Georgetown University. She spent 3 years managing the content marketing team at a Human Capital Management SaaS company. She's written for Think with Google, Personal Capital, and other brands in the fields of HR tech and digital transformation.

Featured in: The Talent Board

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