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HRTech Tools You Need to Know More About - June 2019

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Phil Strazzulla

June 13, 2019

Want to grow your HR tech knowledge 🤓?

Hiring manager and human resource professional looking at HRTech Tools

This month we’re highlighting technologies across the TA and HR landscape that we think exemplify the innovation happening across HRTech.  This space is changing rapidly, and allowing People teams to better build best in class organizations through the smart use of the right tools.

The companies below hit our radar in one of two ways.  First off, we do a lot of research into WorkTech and try to always stay on top of what’s happening in this ecosystem.  This means demos with vendors, meetings with VCs, and lots of research!

More importantly, we run into stellar HR/TA software through our connections with various People leaders.  We rely heavily on the advice and insights from forward thinking practitioners who are on the front lines every day doing the hard work to build industry leading organizations.

Here’s our latest list of the best HR software vendors that need to be on every People leader’s radar:

Greenhouse: Greenhouse’s applicant tracking system has grown into one of the industry leaders since their founding in 2010.  They’ve raised $110 million from top tier VCs, which has allowed them to build an ATS that combines traditional applicant tracking with a CRM.  Additionally, Greenhouse’s best in class APIs mean hundreds of other HR vendors have built integrations into their solution.

Greenhouse recruiting dashboard

Spark Hire: Spark Hire is the leader in video interviewing software, with over 5,000 customers ranging from small and medium businesses to big names like IKEA, Volkswagen, and the USPS. They offer a comprehensive platform, which includes one-way video, live video, interview evaluation, and scheduling. Video interviewing is becoming an important part of many companies’ HRTech stacks, and Spark Hire is definitely a vendor worth checking out.

Spark Hire interview listing dashboarding

Entelo: Entelo’s recruiting automation platform aims to help employers make better hiring decisions. Their automation software increases the productivity of recruiting operations through an easy to use sourcing tool. Entelo has raised over $40 million from top VCs and is used by dozens of large businesses including Intel, United, PayPal, and Netflix.

Screenshot of Entelo recruiting candidate information

Reflektive: Reflektive boasts a wide range of software ranging from performance management to employee engagement. Their product is a one-stop-shop for measuring and tracking OKRs, 1:1’s, real time employee engagement, and more. Reflektive has raised over $100 million and has been adopted by over 500 companies including Comcast and Dollar Shave Club.

Reflektive dashboard showing employee engagement and performance data

Smashfly: Smashfly, which pioneered the recruitment marketing space, is the first to offer a recruiting chatbot that is fully integrated into a leading candidate relationship management (CRM) offering. Smashfly offers this AI hiring assistant to improve the hiring process for both candidates and recruiters. Their customers include companies like TIcketMaster and Rio Tinto.

Smashfly candidate overview in CRM database

Thanks for checking out this month’s roundup of HR software we’ve come across that needs to be on your radar.  If you have suggestions for next month, please let us know!

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