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Fresh Tech Fridays: New HR Tech to Check Out in 2024

Here's some new HR and Recruiting Software to check out for the month of July 2020

Phil Strazzulla
HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Software Enthusiast
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Fresh Tech Fridays is back! This is where we profile new companies in the HR Tech world that should be on your radar, in addition to the latest product launches from the best software companies in the world of Work Tech.

This month we are featuring innovative software tailored to recruiting, employee engagement, and retention. Similar to last month's list, many of these products are relevant to the increasingly virtual world of work that we find ourselves in.

In no particular order (although we did save a very cool one for last), here's this month crop of Fresh Tech:

"ReqSource" by Visage

ReqSource is an improved collaboration platform for sourcing and recruitment teams. It distributes and redistributes requests (jobs) more efficiently and in time. With this new platform, you can measure and improve the performance and productivity of sourcers. Not only does ReqSource improve the quality of candidates and the speed of submission, this platform automates candidate outreach for your recruiting teams.
Here is how it works. Recruiters post their jobs on the Visage platform. The sourcing team receives the role and submits candidates. AI prevents duplicate submissions and gives an additional level of QA. Visage enriches the candidate data with additional information and contact details. Recruiter reviews and contacts through Visage automated outreach. Weekly metrics are generated that details sourcer performance and impact.

Learn more about Visage's ReqSource

Greenhouse Zoom Integration

Greenhouse Recruiting and Zoom have created an integration so you can add Zoom links to interviews directly within Greenhouse Recruiting as part of your scheduling workflow. When the Greenhouse Recruiting - Zoom integration is enabled, it can be used by any user in your Greenhouse Recruiting account when scheduling interviews. The Zoom meeting link will be available to the scheduled interviewers through their calendar invites, and to the candidate through the Candidate Interview Confirmation email.

Learn more about Greenhouse's Zoom Integration

Reward Gateway Announces SmartInsights Analytics Engine

This new suite of analytics gives HR leaders insight into key indicators, such as overall employee engagement, recognition activity, benefit uptake, and social responses that can impact important business metrics, such as employee turnover or customer satisfaction.
The dashboards provide dynamic and up-to-date information about an employee’s overall use of the platform, including recognition and reward activity among employees across departments, and discount activities. HR leaders will be able to use this data to address engagement needs in real time and identify opportunities to make meaningful changes for the business.

Learn more about SmartInsights Analytics Engine

Preciate Social

Now, in addition to giving and receiving recognition, users can socialize in the brand new Preciate Social product! Preciate Social is a new way to socialize online. Users can connect with their people from anywhere and have a more natural social experience remotely. Easily navigate around the virtual space, form groups, and listen to music together. Preciate Social is made to help people build stronger, more authentic relationships in our modern world.
Without ever leaving the Social, you can give recognition to Preciate users of your choice. Teams can have social events centered around giving recognition. Take your social, relationship-building experience to the next level with the power of recognition.

Learn more about Preciate Social

Moodtracker™ by Workhuman

screenshot of Moodtracker by Workhuman demo
The Moodtracker™ is an employee pulse survey tool built for HR leaders that allows organizations to survey smarter and implement the necessary steps to understand their employees better, improve their culture and achieve a higher level of employee engagement. This free product includes several pre-configured surveys, all designed by behavioral scientists, that can be shared with an unlimited number of employees.
With Moodtracker™ HR professionals can keep a continuous pulse on their people. They can leverage science without the scientist. This tool uses actionable recommendations to create a winning culture. It even allows you to compare your results with millions of employees around the world.

Learn more about WorkHuman's Moodtracker

Virtual Snappy Hour, by Snappy Gifts

Snappy Gifts employee recognition
We created our Snappy Hour program to help teams connect and have fun together while working remotely. Snack Attack Collection features snacks to satisfy any craving. From a beef jerky variety pack to a DIY snack pack, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Perfect for a virtual team snack break. Just pick which Snappy Hour collections you want from the "menu," set the frequency, and invite your team to join the fun with their choice of gift.

Learn more about Snappy Hour

Project Marketplace by Eightfold

Project marketplace by Eightfold
Eightfold’s Project Marketplace allows employees to browse a list of internal company projects to surface projects that match their skills and preferences. Managers find employees with the skills they need and invite them to join their projects. AI matching automates the process with the best-fit people for each project, and the projects that most interest each person, without bias.
Project Marketplace provides a venue for employees to partake in opportunities and network within the company; as well as, a method of job security by becoming a more valued employee. It benefits managers by sourcing hidden talent in the company, improving retention, and providing knowledge of skillsets of various employees within the company -- even different departments.

Learn more about Eightfold's Project Marketplace

Harver - Contact Tracers Hiring Platform

Covid 19 Contact Tracers Hiring Software by Harver
Contacttracers.com is a platform used to hire pre-qualified contact tracers, or assess your own candidates. It is fast, validated and free. Contacttracers.com owns the nation’s first pre-qualified contact tracer talentpool, established to help with increased demand due to COVID-19.
Contacttracers.com leverages IO Psychology, validated assessments and a sophisticated matching engine to calculate a matching score between company and contact tracer. Get access to a selection of scientifically validated assessments, powered by Harver, that you can use to assess your own contact tracer candidates.

Learn more about Contract Tracers by Harver

That's it - What should we feature next month?

That's it for our second ever Fresh Tech Fridays! We hope there are some new interesting vendors on your radar, along with features and functionality you didn't know existed at this point. Have a great weekend, and if you know a company that should be featured next month, send us a note!

Phil Strazzulla
HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Software Enthusiast
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Phil is the founder of SelectSoftware Reviews, a website dedicated to helping HR and Recruiting teams find and buy the right software through in-depth, expert advice. He has bought over $1 million worth of HR and Recruiting tools. Additionally, as of 2023, nearly 3 million HR professionals have relied on his advice to determine which business software they should buy.

Phil studied finance at New York University and started his career working in venture capital before getting his MBA from Harvard Business School. His in-depth understanding of the Saas landscape, especially HR Tech, stems from nearly a decade of researching and working with these tools as a computer programmer, user, and entrepreneur.

Featured in: Entrepreneur Harvard Business School Yahoo HR.com Recruiting Daily Hacking HR Podcast HR ShopTalk Podcast Employer Branding for Talent Acquisition (Udemy Course)

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