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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
June 7, 2021

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Oracle is one of the top names in IT. Their HCM is popular among enterprises with more than 1,000 employees and boasted for its implementation and CS practices.

What's Inside

Oracle Review

Oracle’s HCM suite is built for the cloud and made for connecting every single HR process. It’s good for teams looking to have a single source of truth for HR data in order to improve decision making. Their product includes talent management, recruiting, workforce management, payroll, and HCM analytics. The interface is not the best-looking out there and UX can be frustrating for employees and HR alike, but they're still one of the top choices for large scale implementations.

Oracle Customers

  • Axa
  • Blackboard
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Marriott, Cisco

Oracle Stats

  • 80% of product updates come from customer feedback
  • 98% of roadmap commitments are met

Oracle Resources

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Key Oracle Features

  • HCM analytics: Oracle provides a wide array of workforce insights such as demographic breakdowns, gains & losses reports, turnover & retention analysis, and more. 
  • Workforce health and safety: Through their workforce management module, Oracle’s HCM can also handle incident reporting and safety dashboards. Should misfortune strike, this tool lets key stakeholders know so that everyone can react quickly and mitigate a crisis.

Oracle Implementation

Oracle has several implementation plans and checklists in place depending on what kind of modules you’re looking to bring in and which areas will be impacted. Whether it’s strategic workforce planning, general HR, compensation, benefits, or global payroll, they’ve got an implementation process to guide you through getting set up.

Oracle Customer Success

Naturally for a company their size, Oracle offers advanced support services for general installation and services that are product-specific. These include expert support, systems optimization, managed applications, a help desk, security, and more.

Oracle Key Integrations

Oracle HCM has a REST API with detailed documentation.

What to be aware of

Oracle Pricing

Oracle doesn’t provide pricing details for their HCM upfront. To get a quote, you’d have to request a demo, but they also offer interactive product tours that you can take before chatting to a sales rep.

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Oracle Alternatives

No items found.
SAP SuccessFactors

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Sage People

HCM for global teams


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Enterprise-focused HCM