Pipefy Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

Pipefy offers a breadth of business solutions that can span many departments. Their HR offering is worth looking into for their proven templates for automation.

What's Inside

Pipefy Review

Pipefy is an automation tool that many smaller human resources teams have used to build custom onboarding workflows for their new hires.  It's not part of a broader HR software suite, but is a flexible tool that companies can leverage, especially if they're not ready to buy HCM software or an applicant tracking system.

Pipefy Customers

Pipefy is used at Santander, IBM, Toyota, Kraft Heinz, and Volvo, among others.

Pipefy Stats

  • Founded in 2014
  • 350+ employees
  • Used by thousands of people in over 150 countries

Pipefy Resources

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Key Pipefy Features

  • Automated communication: All stakeholders are notified about onboarding activity so no deadlines are missed.
  • Workflow standardization: Certain steps can be made mandatory to make sure all required information is gathered.

Pipefy Implementation

Getting started with Pipefy will vary depending on your plan. Trying it for free takes minutes, or you can request a demo and start to work something out with their CS team.

Pipefy Customer Success

Pipefy has actually published many resources about Customer Success, which goes to show how seriously they take it. They also have a help center, a certification program, HR process templates, and a user guide.

Pipefy Key Integrations

Pipefy has many integrations with all sorts of business software. The most popular ones, according to their integrations page, are SAP, DocuSign, ZenDesk, and Salesforce.

What to be aware of

Pipefy might not be the ideal solution if you're looking for something devoted nearly-exclusively to new talent onboarding.

Pipefy Pricing

Pipefy has a free plan, a business one that starts at $18 per user per month, and an enterprise that's notably just $30 user/month. These prices are if you pay annually and save up to 20%, but you can also go month-by-month. After the enterprise plan, they have an unlimited plan with custom pricing.

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