Leapsome Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

Leapsome is a performance management suite that handles onboarding, training, goals & OKRs, 1:1 & team meetings, feedback & praise, and a development framework for each employee.

What's Inside

Leapsome Review

Leapsome is a performance management and employee engagement software tool that also has a robust employee onboarding solution. Their product is really focused on teaching new hires the right skills through programming at different points in their onboarding process and then testing what has been taught.  For example, a new sales person may learn the product, then the pitch, then the pricing for their new company.

Leapsome Customers

Spotify, Babbel, Trivago, PlusDental+, Mercedes-Benz.

Leapsome Stats

  • 1.2M unique pieces of feedback shared
  • 99% customer satisfaction

Leapsome Resources

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Key Leapsome Features

  • Learning paths: You can create company-wide learning paths of make them specific to teams or roles.
  • Learning schedules: Within these paths, you can set up learning content to be available at specific times in order to ensure new hires are making progress without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Testing: You can also create quizzes in order to get a clear picture of how effective your onboarding learning material is.

Leapsome Implementation

Through implementation, Leapsome's steadfast expert team will guide you through every step of the way. Yet, exact plans and steps vary depending on the scope of your onboarding project.

Leapsome Customer Success

Leapsome sets their clients up with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This person becomes your advocate, listening to your needs and providing expert advice. They'll also share resources like training videos and articles.

Leapsome Key Integrations

Google Workspace, Jira, Outlook, Personio, Slack

What to be aware of

Leapsome is a German company, so their software is available in English and German.

Leapsome Pricing

Leapsome starts at a 24-day free trial. Once that is over, pricing will depend on the number of employees you'll have using the tool and the modules you'd like to use. Their modular pricing starts at 7 USD user/month if billed yearly.

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