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Anthem's EAP offers quick and easy counseling services for employees and their family. Other than mental health services, employees can also seek counseling for adoption, pet care, legal consultations, among other things.

What's Inside

Anthem Review

With a national network of more than 23,000 health care professionals in over 16,000 locations, employers using Anthem’s EAP have access to a variety of services beyond just face-to-face counseling sessions, including adoption information, pet care, child care resources, financial/legal consultations, eldercare referrals and more.

Anthem Customers

Anthem Stats

  • 16,000 locations
  • 23,000 health professionals

Anthem Resources

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Key Anthem Features

  • Licensed professional counseling
  • Legal services
  • Financial health services
  • Cirtical Incident Response services
  • Management consultation
  • Wellness workshops
  • Utilization reports

Anthem Implementation

Once your company signs up for Anthem EAP services, employees are provided a unique company code to log into their portal via web browser. The portal, called LiveHealth Online, the offers service via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Anthem Customer Success

Anthem Key Integrations

What to be aware of

Companies who already use Anthem as their insurance will get the most value out of their EAP.

Anthem Pricing

EAP service from Anthem doesn't cost anything for employees. Employers pay extra as part of their insurance plan, determined by state and group size.

There are three models:

  • The Basic model gives employees solution-focused counseling and referrals to additional resources.
  • The Enhanced model includes Basic level solutions, as well as expanded work/life capabilities and employer services to support leaders and teams. This includes things like policy consultation, critical response services, training and seminars, and unlimited telephone consultations for managers.
  • The Customized model provides enterprise and national level employers lots of flexibility, including customized counseling sessions and on-site options.
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Anthem Alternatives

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EAP Systems - Modern HealthModern Health

Tools for mental wellness and resilience

EAP Systems - TalkspaceTalkspace

Clinically proven mental health results

EAP Systems - LifeworksLifeWorks

EAP with analytics and data

EAP Systems - Spring HealthSpring Health

Customized mental health care

EAP Systems - UllianceUlliance

30 years in the business

EAP Systems - AnthemAnthem

One-stop-shop EAP service

EAP Systems - Corehealth GlobalCorehealth Global

All-in-one platform for corporate wellness

EAP Systems - Lyra HealthLyra Health

Expect reliable clinical improvement

EAP Systems - GingerGinger

24/7 behavioral coaching assistance

Anthem Alternatives

Highly personalized, interactive, quick – this is what makes Modern Health great. All you have to do is answer a few questions, get a personalized plan, and connect with a provider.
Spring Health uses machine learning to match an employee with a personalized care plan. Care Navigators, utilization reports, and a myriad wellness programs – these are some reasons why leading employers trust Spring Health.
Lifeworks aims to counter turnover, absenteeism, and productivity problems. Its modern EAP is proactive, interactive, mobile-first, and personalized.
Designed to resolve personal concerns, workplace conflicts, and life challenges, Ulliance's EAP is cost effective, personalized, and has a high level of participation.
CoreHealth Global helps companies create wellness programs for their employees. By putting health assessments, biometric management, and self-help programs in one place, CoreHealth acts as an all-in-one platform for all your corporate wellness needs.
Talkspace offers an immediate, responsive, and a result-oriented care. Their network of providers is managed continuously and they have efficacy studies published in peer-review journals.
Lyra Health focuses on connecting employees with top-tier mental health providers within a day. With its platform, employees can receive personalized care, develop new skills, and measure their progress.
Anthem's EAP offers quick and easy counseling services for employees and their family. Other than mental health services, employees can also seek counseling for adoption, pet care, legal consultations, among other things.
Cost-effective and quick, Ginger is a mobile app that lets your employees chat with behavioral health coaches within seconds at any time of the day. Employees can also schedule video therapy with licensed practitioners.