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35+ Must-Subscribe HR Newsletters to Stay Ahead of the PeopleOps Pack

HR newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the latest HR trends, news, and information.

J.R. Johnivan
Business and HR Tech Journalist
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The world of human resources (HR) is constantly evolving. From learning and understanding new trends in hiring, to keeping up with the latest regulatory standards. As a result, today’s HR professionals truly have their work cut out for them. Who should you, as a professional in the HR, TA and PeopleOps space look to for guidance?

We recommend signing up for HR newsletters that deliver news, advice, and resources about HR straight to your inbox.

In This Article

HR professional reading an HR newsletter on a laptop.

The best HR newsletters keep you up-to-date with all of the latest information from around the HR world. Whether you want to refine your current skills as an HR professional, access to industry tips (like where to find the best free HR software), or advice from experts in the field, human resource newsletters can help build your fundamental skills while introducing you to some advanced concepts along the way.

Here are the best of the bunch that we recommend signing up for.

The 35+ Best HR Newsletters

1. HR Daily

Maintained by one of the most prolific names in the sector, SHRM, HR Daily is for employees and employers alike. It’s delivered every day and is supplemented with SHRM’s other newsletters.

Published by: SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

Core topics: The latest news and analyses involving HR and HR professionals.

Sign up at:Shrm.org

2. Recruiting Brainfood

This treat for the brain is a weekly newsletter that serves all types of content, including industry white papers, breaking news reports, how-to articles, helpful tips, instructional videos, and podcasts.

Published by: Hung Lee

Core topics: Sourcing and recruitment, best practices for HR, diversity and inclusion, employer branding, and much more.

Sign up at: Recruiting Brainfood

3. HR Morning

Not only do HR Morning publish an informative newsletter, but they also host other online resources, like how-to guides, strategic tools, checklists, white papers, and more. All insight is geared to helping you on your way to becoming an HR expert.

Published by:  HR Morning

Core topics: Employee recognition, workplace management, team leadership, people management, workplace culture, gender identity, and more.

Sign up at: HRmorning.com

4. TLNT Daily

TLNT publishes a daily newsletter that provides access to current news, trends, and information alongside a vast archive of previous content. Their content is designed and supported by experienced HR veterans and industry leaders.

Published by: TLNT / ERE Media

Core topics: A plethora of HR news and issues, including career development, employee engagement, compensation, benefits, HR technology, and more.

Sign up at: TLNT.com

5. Compass

The team at Fast Company maintains several newsletters published daily and weekly, including Compass, Impact, Modern CEO, and more.

Published by: Fast Company

Core topics: Workplace management, productivity, HR Tech, and creativity.

Sign up at: Fast Company

6. Wavelength

The team at Asana offers interviews with industry professionals, informative articles, and how-to guides that are fun and accessible. Wavelength is aimed at current HR professionals, specifically top-level leaders, but the newsletter can be enjoyed by those who are new to HR just as readily.

Published by: Asana

Core topics: People management, interpersonal communications, workforce planning, team leadership, day-to-day productivity, and more.

Sign up at: Wavelength.asana.com

7. HR Exchange Network

HR Exchange Network is more than a simple newsletter— it’s an entire web portal with an online community, informative news reports, exercises to build HR skills, regularly scheduled special events, and more.

Published by: HR Exchange Network

Core topics: HR tech, remote work, diversity, inclusion, HR trends, the future of work, and more.

Sign up at: HR Exchange Network

8. The SSR Newsletter

As a carefully curated collection of the best articles and advice for buying HR software published by SelectSeoftware Reviews, the SSR Newsletter is a must read for beginners and decision makers in the PeopleOps space. As their content is generally written or reviewed by experts in the field, the SSR Newsletter is broadly produced by HR people for HR people.

Published by: SelectSoftware Reviews

Core topics: Developments and technology in HR, reviews of the latest and greatest HR Tech, tools, and HR software vendors, opportunities for career growth in HR, and resources for PeopleOps leaders. The newsletter also features buyer guides covering HR software for small business and large enterprises alike.

Sign up at: SelectSoftware Reviews

HR professional checking their email for delivery of an HR newsletter.

9. HR Dive

There are multiple newsletters to choose from with HR Dive that cover a range of topics. While most of their newsletters are delivered weekly, some are published daily.

Published by: HR Dive

Core topics: Compensation, benefits, diversity, inclusion, compliance, branding, HR tech, and more.

Sign up at: HR Dive

10. Managing Smart

Published and maintained by the experts of SHRM, Managing Smart is a monthly newsletter focused on every aspect of people management in the workplace. 


Core topics: People management news, trends, and information.

Sign up at: SHRM.org

11. Girlboss Daily

Boasting well over 200,000 subscribers, Girlboss Daily is a fun and unique newsletter that highlights HR from a female perspective.

Published by: Girlboss

Core topics: Social media, career development, recent job postings, and more.

Sign up at: Girlboss.com

12. HR Bartender

With content aimed specifically at recruiters, HR Bartender is a niche newsletter and online archive of informative content written in a most entertaining way by HR consultant,Sharlyn Lauby. The concept is sound advice and knowledge sharing in the age-old bartender fashion.

Published by: Sharlyn Lauby

Core topics: Employee engagement, company culture, organizational leadership, corporate branding, workforce management, and more.

Sign up at: HR bartender

13. Arc

Just like any other industry, software development teams need HR. Not only does this bi-weekly newsletter offer relevant news and insights, but the Arc Dev team also maintains a full-scale job search platform for software developers and companies.

Published by: Arc Dev

Core topics: Software development, remote work, career development, tech startup news, and productivity. 

Sign up at: Arc.dev

14. Social Talent

Designed specifically for recruiters by founder, Johnny Campbell, Social Talent specializes in content such as blogs, helpful articles, ebooks, informative reports, webinars, and more.

Published by: Social Talent

Core topics: Recruiting, interviewing, DEI, team leadership, onboarding, retention, and industry news.

Sign up at: Social Talent

15. Workplace Intelligence Weekly

Maintained through LinkedIn, Workplace Intelligence Weekly is an informative newsletter that’s based out of Boston and published by bestselling author with the New York Times, Dan Schawbel.

Published by: Dan Schawbel

Core topics: Hybrid work, leadership excellence, employee engagement, workplace culture, and human resources.

Sign up at:LinkedIn

HR newsletter recommendations for PeopleOps professionals

16. SmartBrief on Workforce

This daily newsletter compiles various articles, breaking news, and resources from around the web. Its informative summaries get right to the point, making it ideal for those who have very little time to spare.

Published by: SmartBrief and Partners

Core topics: With more than 180 direct partners from all over the HR world, the SmartBrief on Workforce newsletter focuses on the latest HR news, technology, employee compensation, workplace culture, and more.

Sign up at: Smartbrief.com

17. The Assist

Enjoyed by numerous companies and professionals located in nearly every professional sector, The Assist offers many different newsletters – including the OG Tuesday, Weekend, Woman Wednesday, and #Thirsty Thursday Newsletters.

Published by: The Assist

Core topics: The various newsletters cover a wide range of topics from career development and workplace culture to the latest news, job openings, and career opportunities in HR.

Sign up at: The Assist Newsletter

18. DE&I News

DE&I News is a well-respected monthly publication and a leading source of breaking news, events, and information regarding workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Published by: SHRM

Core topics: Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Sign up at: SHRM.org

19. Future of Talent

Published weekly, Future of Talent, a resource by the Future of Talent Institute provides unique insights into new ideas and opinions within the HR space.

Published by: Kevin Wheeler

Core topics: Topics include work-life balance, HR tech, artificial intelligence, recruitment, talent management, employee engagement, and more. 

Sign up at: Futureoftalent.org

20. All Things Work

Maintained by the experts with SHRM, All Things Work is delivered every Saturday. When combined with SHRM’s other newsletters, it provides a comprehensive perspective of HR.

Published by: SHRM

Core topics: Insights from the workplace that primarily focus on change and transformation management in the 21st century.

Sign up at: SHRM.org

21. Granted

With over 200,000 readers, Granted is an inspirational and motivational resource that provides HR news from the perspective of organizational psychologist and New York Times bestselling author, Adam Grant.

Published by: Adam Grant

Core topics: Non-traditional topics, including those derived from pop culture, existential ideas, career growth, and more. 

Sign up at: Adamgrant.net

22. Onrec

An invaluable resource that provides daily news alongside online job boards, an online directory of professional contacts, and a calendar of special events. 

Published by: Onrec

Core topics: While Onrec focuses on staffing and recruitment, they cover other topics like general HR news, workplace management, remote work, compliance, and more.

Sign up at: Onrec.com

23. Work. Shouldn’t. Suck.

Published on a semi-monthly basis, the team at Work. Shouldn’t. Suck. is focused on re-imagining HR to accommodate future workplace trends and needs.

Published by: Work. Shouldn’t. Suck.

Core topics: Shared leadership, resource management, hybrid cultures, remote work, restorative HR, employee turnover, and more.

Sign up at:Workshouldntsuck.co

Recruiter reading a newsletter about talent acquisition.

24. HR Executive

Published and delivered daily, HR Executive provides current news, unique insights, helpful tools, and tips focused for HR professionals.

Published by: HR Executive

Core topics: General news reports, white papers, case studies, and informative articles about HR and the workplace.

Sign up at: HRExecutive.com

25. Bonusly

Published by the same team that’s behind the Bonusly employee rewards platform, the Bonusly Newsletter is delivered on a bi-weekly basis. They also host live webinars and events.

Published by: Bonusly

Core topics: DEI, retention, turnover, company culture, employee engagement, and more.

Sign up at: Bonus.ly

26. Corporate Safari

Created, written, and maintained by an HR professional with over 20 years of experience, Corporate Safari is an informative HR newsletter and blog that is updated regularly.

Published by: Kacie Walters

Core topics: Self management, project management, team leadership, stakeholder communications, career development, and workplace politics.

Sign up at: Kaciewalters.com

27. I <3 Humans

Created and maintained by Lattice, I <3 Humans is an expertly written and highly informative newsletter for HR professionals of all levels.

Published by: Lattice

Core topics: Recent HR news, performance management, HR analytics, industry job openings, and inspirational stories.

Sign up at: Lattice.com

28. HR Policy Briefing

Maintained by the HR professionals at SHRM, HR Policy Briefing, delivered twice per month, features news and updates directly from Capitol Hill.

Published by: SHRM

Core topics: One of the most comprehensive and accurate sources for new updates and changes to HR policies, regulations, and related news.

Sign up at: SHRM.org

29. Workforce Futurist

Delivered on a semi-weekly basis, Workforce Futurist is a great HR newsletter for employees, digital nomads, and full-time HR executives.

Published by: Andy Spence

Core topics:  Workplace trends, HR tech, workforce decentralization, the future of work, and more.

Sign up at: Workforce Futurist

30. Workology

Delivered three times per month, Workology boasts an established online community of HR professionals from around the globe. It offers many perks and advantages, including VIP website access, exclusive events for the community, online recertification courses, and more.

Published by: Jessica Miller-Marrells

Core topics: Work transformation, organizational leadership, human capital, and more.

Sign up at: Workology.com

31. HR Source

An online newsletter published on the fourth Friday of every month, HR Source includes helpful tips, informative articles, and information on upcoming events.

Published by: Human Resource Services (HRS) at Washington State University

Core topics: Compliance, DEI, employee engagement, employee assistance, employee, and employee recognition.

Sign up at:Washington State University

Talent acquisitions expert reading HR newsletter to improve their knowledge.

32. The Modern Recruiter

Maintained by the experts at Greenhouse, a popular hiring operating system software, The Modern Recruiter is a bi-weekly newsletter that features curated news, webinars, and job openings.

Published by: Greenhouse

Core topics: Hiring, onboarding, time management, and more.

Sign up at: Greenhouse.com

33. Evil HR Lady

With a title that’s very tongue-in-cheek, Evil HR Lady, also known as Suzanne Lucas maintains a regular blog and a supplementary newsletter.

Published by: Suzanne Lucas

Core topics: Workplace culture, retention, employee engagement, HR technology, career development, legal compliance, and more.

Sign up at: Evilhrlady.org

34. People First

Followed by such prolific names as Walmart, ThriveGlobal, and CultureAmp, People First features curated news and articles that are delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis.

Published by: Compt

Core topics: Recent news, emerging HR strategies, HR book recommendations, and general articles. 

Sign up at: Tinyletter.com/compt

35. Workonomics

A unique and well-written newsletter that’s published and delivered via Substack.

Published by: Nilesh Kavthekar

Core topics: Worker productivity, HR Tech, compliance, DEI, artificial intelligence, and more.

Sign up at: Workonomics.substack.com

36. Network Under 40

One of the best HR newsletters for young professionals, Network Under 40 is currently trusted by 15,000+ young professionals. Their newsletter offers helpful advice, informative articles, and local networking events.

Published by: Network Under 40

Core topics: Human resources, HR Tech, entrepreneurship, workplace productivity, and start-ups.

Sign up at: Networkunder40.com

Making the Most of Your HR Newsletter Subscriptions

With so many different human resource newsletters running today, it’s easy to get bogged down with subscriptions that you just don’t have time for. That’s why it’s essential that you narrow down the field

Pick the publication most relevant to your work and career interest according to such criteria as location, industry, occupation, and more. By doing so, you get the most value out of the best HR newsletters that you do subscribe to.

For more resources to hone your HR skills check out the following articles:

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Business and HR Tech Journalist
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Combining a lifelong love of technology and the written word, J.R. is constantly balancing traditional arts with next-gen breakthroughs and advancements. With 30-plus years of experience working with computers and IT of all kinds, including over a decade of reviewing HR software, he caters to audiences all around the globe from his quaint home in West Michigan.

Featured in: project-management.com

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