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, Aug 20, 2021
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Board helps manage and plan human resources efforts with a unified analytics software platform.

What's Inside

Board Review

Board has business intelligence products for HR, finance, sales performance, and supply chain management. Their HR tool helps manage resources for the department in a manner that stays unified with the plans and activities of the other business units. 

Their platform focuses on leveraging workforce analytics to provide actionable insights. When it comes to workforce planning and performance management, these insights can be key in making sure that the proper decisions are taken at the right moment.

Board Customers

  • Coca Cola
  • KPMG
  • Puma
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • United States Navy

Board Stats

  • Over 3,00 customers
  • 40+ international awards

Board Resources

No items found.

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Key Board Features

  • Multi-source integration: Board takes data from multiple sources, whether they’re transactional and legacy systems, and puts it all into a centralized platform. 
  • Performance management: You can apply a variety of evaluation methodologies and keep track of each employee’s progress in relation to specific objectives. 
  • Workforce Analytics: Monitor KPIs for HR, forecast changes to the workforce, and play with data by segmenting employees and creating models.

Board Implementation

Board Customer Success

Board has many resources for customers, such as webinars, analyst reports, and whitepapers.

Board Key Integrations

This platform can connect to a wide array of data sources. It has the capabilities to analyze data models and then automatically present them in an Excel-like environment.

What to be aware of

One of the main use cases for Board is as an FP&A process platform.

Board Pricing

Board does not provide pricing details upfront.

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Board Alternatives

Workforce Planning Software - ChartHopChartHop

For data-centric workforce planning

Workforce Planning Software - SAP SuccessFactorsSAP SuccessFactors

Human experience management suite

Workforce Planning Software - AnaplanAnaplan

Robust cross-functional planning

Workforce Planning Software - WorkdayWorkDay

Enterprise-focused workforce planning

Workforce Planning Software  - BoardBoard

Decision-making platform

Workforce Planning Software - VisierVisier People

Full HR analytics suite

Workforce Planning Software - PlanfulPlanful

Finance-focused workplace planning tool

Workforce Planning Software - QuinyxQuinyx

AI-driven forecasting

Board Alternatives

ChartHop is an organizational management software company that is rapidly evolving into one of the most interesting HR Tech vendors in the business.
Anaplan is all about complex scenario planning. Their robust solution is used for many kinds of planning processes and forecasting.
Board helps manage and plan human resources efforts with a unified analytics software platform.
Planful connect HR, finance, and operational data together. Businesses can then plan out the workforce that they’ll need to meet their goals.
Visier is a robust analytics solution that has a People Planning module. Their platform is built mainly for mid-market to enterprise clients and they offer professional services as well.
Quinyx is a workforce management software solution that takes a data-driven approach to staffing, budgeting and scheduling, all done with an eye towards improving your recruitment strategy.
Workday is one of the most popular people management software products out there, with a workforce planning tool specifically geared towards enterprises.
As one of the big names in enterprise software, it’s no surprise that SAP SuccessFactors has an HR metrics and workforce planning tool made for medium to large businesses.