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Huda Idris
Technical writer, B2B software advisor, and marketing strategist
November 12, 2022

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Cartus Versus the Competition

Cartus offers flexible, varied, and customizable relocation solutions based on the moving employee's priorities. Their corporate relocation service includes domestic and international transfers, as well as a comprehensive dashboard with real-time and predictive relocation tracking. 

Cartus dashboard

If you're ready to get a Cartus demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

Cartus Alternatives

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XONEX combines technology with personalized customer service to ensure every relocation job goes smoothly and with minimal interruptions. Each client receives a custom plan according to their budget and needs.
With their full range of services, Altair Global takes the administrative burden off you by serving as your one point of contact, and effectively coordinating everything from start to finish so you can focus on the more strategic aspects of your job.
With relocation managers and supplier partners worldwide and a service footprint in over 165 countries, Graebel provides consistent, high-quality services that you can count on wherever you are.
With tools, resources, and more than 70 years of expertise in domestic and international mobility, Atlas Van Lines is equipped to handle all sorts of relocation needs.
Sirva offers a client centric corporate mobility solution. They are one of the few relocation companies to bring together owned resources for relocation, moving, immigration and more, via a footprint that expands across six continents.
Aries knows that the foundation of a successful relocation is a rock-solid plan. This is why they set up each of their clients with an expert whose job is to understand all of their challenges, then develop and execute a suitable relocation plan.
  1. Cartus does not own or hold interest in a transportation company and therefore assesses and picks suppliers based on performance. 
  2. Their Benefits Builder feature allows employees to choose the relocation services they most want, which means you don’t pay for an experience that didn’t benefit them. 
  3. Because Casrtus’ business model is so customizable, they can be as involved in your relocation program as you need them to be.
  1. User reviews cite Cartus’ claims process as an ongoing issue, in that reimbursements can take months to reach the employee. 
  2. Cartus uses various third-party service providers for a move, but their process does at times allow communication between service providers to fall short.

Cartus Review

Cartus offers domestic and international corporate relocation services based on their data-driven business model. To achieve their relocation solutions, Cartus harnesses technology to predict, analyze and report.  

Their MovePro360 offers a comprehensive client dashboard with employee and provider-level analytics. From here a relocation manager can gain an overview of every current relocation, as well as granular feedback including live sentiment scores and notifications when a move is at risk. 

The platform uses business logic to monitor whether a move is on or off track based on a vast database, predictive analytics, and real-time reporting. 

Employee list within Cartus

MoverPro360 is accessible via Cartusonline (for desktop) and Cartusmobile (for smartphones) for user accessibility on the go. The platform is user-friendly, simple, and Cloud- as well as API-based to integrate with your existing HRMS. 

Benefits Builder, which is integrated into MovePro360 is Cartus’ unique relocation customization tool. It works on a points or currency-based budget and parameters set by the client. The employee is free to spend their set budget as they best see fit within the set supplier database. Cartus calls this model “Freedom within a framework”.

Benefits Builder lets the employee prioritize the relocation services that are most important to them instead of working within a package predetermined by what most people want. The client, in turn, can choose whether they want to allow employees complete freedom or to choose from pre-set models based on the company’s budget and preferences.

Who shouldn't buy Cartus

Cartus Customers

Cartus: Customizable, data-driven corporate relocation solutions

Cartus Stats

60 years in business

Cartus Key Features

  • Relocation services: Cartus specialize in managing a domestic or international move on behalf of your employee including one-on-one support from a personal relocation consultant.
  • Property services: With a network of realtors, Cartus can assist your relocating employees with selling their existing homes, buying a new property, as well as temporary housing while they make the transition.
  • Relocation program management
  • Intercultural & language solutions
  • Expatriate compensation abilities
  • International assignment compensation services
  • Global destination services
  • Government relocation services

Cartus Key Integrations

Cartus Pricing

Cartus offers custom pricing based on the needs of your business. To learn more, contact their sales team.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Cartus Best For

Multinational companies that source talent from various countries, or manage long-term international assignments are well suited to Cartus’ service model.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Cartus Implementation

The time it takes to onboard for using MovePro360 depends on the level of services you require. The MovePro360 API is up for enhancement so ask your consultant whether it can integrate with your existing HRMS.

Employees can easily download the Cartus mobile app to start tracking their move.

Cartus Customer Success

Each relocation begins with a consultant assessing your employee's needs and thoroughly explaining all authorized benefits. Although MovePro360 acts as the primary communication channel throughout a relocation, the consultant remains a contactable source of assistance.

About Cartus

Cartus, whose name is derived from cartography (the art of mapmaking) was established in 1955. The company serves nearly 50% of the Fortune 50, multinationals, and clients with only a handful of employees. Their experience in corporate and government employee relocation covers over four million moves and 185 countries. 

Cartus is part of Realogy Holdings Corp., a global leader in real estate franchising and provider of real estate brokerage, relocation, and settlement services.

As a next step you can visit the Cartus website or read our research on the Top Corporate Relocation Companies.

As a next step you can visit the Cartus website or read our research on the Top Corporate Relocation Companies.


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Cartus is privately owned.
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