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Graebel Versus the Competition

Graebel uses a people-first approach to create humane, yet strategically scalable and customizable employee relocation solutions for their corporate clients.

If you're ready to get a Graebel demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!


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  • The Graebel globalCONNECT platform offers a highly customisable dashboard depending on the client’s needs.
  • Predictive analytics helps Greabel identify and react to relocation trends.
  • Thanks to their partnership with Shyft, Graebel can conduct a virtual survey of the employee’s belongings for quoting purposes, so there is no need for an in-person walkthrough just to get a cost estimate.


  • A recurring complaint in Graebel reviews is that they don’t keep a detailed inventory. Since they're a corporate mobility provider, they have no control over this aspect. The result is that claims for missing and damaged possessions need to be placed with the packers.
  • Relocations that are managed by Graebel’s moving consultants happen on a set timeline that the relocating employee and their family have little control over. In this sense, the CitySwitcher lump-sum service allows the user more control.

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Graebel Review

Graebel offers a highly customizable, yet sophisticated corporate relocation service. Their clients can choose what departure, moving and arrival services they need, as well as the level of access a mobility team and relocating employees may have. The client also gets to customize how much control they want to maintain within their user dashboard, hosted by the Graebel globalCONNECT online system, and how much they want to be managed by a Graebel consultant. 

Graebel globalCONNECT offers integrations and APIs with various HRIS and payroll solutions to ensure reasonably seamless data management. It also uses predictive analytics to monitor trends in ongoing relocations. 

Graebel globalCONNECT dashboard

Relocating employees are allowed equal autonomy when using Graebel’s CitySwitcher service - a lump-sum management and self-move support platform. Each move is overseen by a moving coach, yet fully within the employee’s control via the app which is accessible from any device. The CitySwitcher app, powered by mobility technology company Shyft, connects users to preferred service providers, various relocation tools, and reminders throughout their move. 

CitySwitcher's vendor list includes obvious must-haves like packing, moving and auto-transport services. In addition, it covers helpful services surrounding an employee’s relocation, such as temporary accommodation during transit, assistance with their new government’s regulations, and local area tours. They can even help the employee open a new bank account at the destination. 

These services are offered by the global network of Graebel partners who offer their services at discounted rates to CitySwitcher users. Because Graebel only partners with companies that have shown to be reliable and reputable, using their recommendations relieves a lot of the angst surrounding a corporate relocation. 

One of the biggest advantages of their partnership with Shyft is the virtual move assessment. This allows the employee to get estimates from various movers without the inconvenience and delay of an agent doing a physical walkthrough of their home.

Who shouldn't buy Graebel

Since their service structure and dashboard are highly customizable, any size company can make use of Graebels relocation solutions. For a smaller company that only relocates employees on an occasional basis, a plug-and-play solution would probably be more efficient.

Graebel Customers

Graebel: Customizable and comprehensive moving solutions
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Graebel Key Features

  • Customizable interactive dashboard: Graebel’s globalCONNECT technology allows them to create a service dashboard according to their client’s management style and priorities. This includes who can access data, and how much is controlled by the client's mobility managers vs. a Graebel consultant. 
  • Predictive analytics: The Graebel globalCONNECT dashboard collects and reports on past moves, and monitors the expected health of a relocation through predictive reporting. 
  • International relocation: With a global network of service providers in 175 countries, Graebel can move employees anywhere and assist with local government compliance. 
  • CitySwitcher self-move service with Shyft app integration: Graebel’s CitySwitcher service includes access to the Shyft online app. This integration allows users access to a network of vetted vendors and relocation tools including a virtual costing assessment. 
  • Graebel Business Travel Manager: A solution for monitoring and managing employees who are often on the road. 
  • Office relocation: In addition to moving employees, Graebel can assist with building decommissions and whole- office moves.

Graebel Key Integrations

Graebel Pricing

Since Graebel’s corporate relocation service is highly customizable, pricing varies according to what you need. For more information, we recommend speaking to an agent.

Graebel is Best For

Graebel is a good fit for larger organizations that relocate employees on an assignment basis. Their services include temporary compliance, visa, and accommodation services. They can also assist with repatriation once the assignment is completed.

How has Graebel Changed Over Time?

Graebel Implementation

Getting started with Graebel requires a consultation on what services you want, how much you want to be handled by your mobility managers, and how much autonomy you want to give to their mobility experts.

Relocating employees can either be completely guided by a moving coach, or they can manage their own move via the CitySwitcher service, powered by the Shyft online app.

Graebel Customer Success

Grabel offers 24/7 global support to relocating employees, including allowance administration for moves that are allocated a lump-sum budget.

About Graebel

Graebel, a subsidiary of Graebel Companies, is family owned and family-run business. It was founded by David Graebel as a household goods hauling service in 1950. Leadership has since transferred to his son Bill Graebel.

The company has been exclusively focused on global talent mobility and workplace relocation services since 2014. Today they are recognized as the largest privately-owned relocation management company in the world. According to their website, 300 of the Fortune 1000 companies, including Amazon, rely on them for employee and office relocations.

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Denver, Colorado

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How do Graebel’s relocation options for employees work?

Companies can assign a lump-sum budget to the employee. The employee then uses the CitySwitcher service (powered by Shyft) to select services and vendors from a vetted list. Alternatively the company can contract for a relocation package that is completely managed by Graebel on a set timeline. This is ideal for executives or large family moves that are best left in the expert hands of a mobility coach.

Graebel Alternatives

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