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Inspirational Companies and Leaders in the Times of COVID-19

Here are some amazing people and companies leading the charge to help us get through COVID.

524% Rise in Video Interview Programs as Businesses Adapt to COVID-19

The interest in video interview platforms is exploding, here’s some data to shed light on how...

Video Interviews in the Age of Coronavirus

Here are practical tips on implementing video interview software to keep your hiring funnel...

Office Hours with SelectSoftware Reviews

We’re starting office hours at SelectSoftware for people who want to connect 1:1 for quick advice...

5 Tips to Buying the Right HR and Recruiting Software

Here are a few tips on buying the right HR and recruiting software.

The Power of Landing Pages for Recruiting

Here’s a quick case study on how to recruit using landing pages, specifically around a PR...

Recruiting for Nonprofits: How to Engage More Volunteers

Here’s a guest post that goes into a playbook to recruit volunteers for non-profits.

AI: Recruiting's Exo-Skeleton

Will AI replace our recruiting teams? Not anytime in the next few decades...