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Huda Idris, Technical writer, HR software advisor, and marketing strategist Jan 07, 2022
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Aside from being a user-friendly, multilingual platform, does not have any limitation on the number of employees you pay through it, which is a rare offering for a free platform.

What's Inside Review is a free payroll platform that’s available to users in an impressive 65 languages in addition to English. Not only does it allow users to process payroll, but the platform also features tools for time and attendance tracking, claims tracking, team collaboration, knowledge management, and more. Employees can access the platform too to submit claims and leave notices. Customers Resources

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Key Features

  • Payroll processing
  • Expense claim
  • Leave management (paid time off [PTO], vacation days, sick leave, etc.)
  • Time clock & attendance
  • Team collaboration and knowledge management
  • Document workflow & sharing
  • Employee self-service for expense claims, leave requests, and more. Implementation

Anyone can go on’s website and create an account for free. A user guide is available to help customers configure their accounts easily. As for access, can be accessed on most web browsers, as well as mobile devices through its Apple and Android apps. Customer Success has a user guide for customers to self-serve. If customers need further assistance, they can leave comments on’s Facebook page, visit’s support forum, or contact’s customer support team via email. Key Integrations

What to be aware of Pricing is completely free, forever. This is possible through its user community that crowd-funds it.

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Free Payroll - Payroll4FreePayroll4Free

Packs the most features for a free solution

Free Payroll - ExcelPayrollExcelPayroll

Best free payroll tool for Excel users

Free Payroll - Paycheck ManagerPaycheck Manager

Best free payroll tax calculator

Free Payroll - TimeTrexTimeTrex

Best free payroll tool with time tracking

Free Payroll - eSmart PaycheckeSmart Paycheck

Best free payroll tax calculator

Free Payroll -

Free multilingual payroll platform Alternatives

Not only does Payroll4Free does it do exactly what it says (i.e. allowing businesses to make payroll for free), but it is also quite easy to use and packs a lot of features for a free platform.
Aside from being a user-friendly, multilingual platform, does not have any limitation on the number of employees you pay through it, which is a rare offering for a free platform.
In addition to free payroll, Timetrex features a time and attendance tracking tool. Tracked employee hours are automatically linked with payroll, eliminating admins’ need to make manual payroll calculations or import data from 3rd party sources.
If you’re a fan of Excel spreadsheets, you should check out ExcelPayroll. It runs on top of the Microsoft-native solution, allowing businesses to process payroll at no additional cost.
Paycheck Manager provides a free-of-charge payroll tax calculator that anyone can use without having to create account.
eSmart Paycheck provides a web-based payroll calculator that anyone can use completely for free, without needing to create an account.