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10 Useful Mobile Apps for HR Management

Look no further than this article for a list of great HR apps.

Chris Hatler
HR tech researcher, writer and editor
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62% of respondents to a TRUCE survey said that mobile devices are important to their productivity at work. In fact, mobile devices count for over half of global website traffic according to Statista. So how can you, a human resources professional, take advantage of this trend.

HR mobile apps streamline processes such as attendance tracking, absence management, and more. Employees will also have a better experience. They can access different modules on the go, so they don’t have to be at their desk to see their payroll information or complete onboarding paperwork. 

Does it sound like it’s worth looking into? We put together a list of 10 useful apps across the HR tech spectrum that will make your job, and the employee lifecycle, more efficient.

In This Article

1. HR Software — Hibob

The Hibob mobile app is a core HR solution with a little bit of everything. Your HR team can complete shorter HR processes quickly, drive engagement with employee updates, share company news, check in to work status, manage employee data, and more. 

On the other side of the spectrum, employees can stay up to date on birthdays and holidays, easily request PTO, and easily connect with one another through messaging. It’s one part HR, one part social media, so distributed or remote teams can stay in touch wherever they are.

2. Onboarding — ClearCompany

ClearCompany offers many different human resources software solutions, but their mobile employee onboarding feature really shines. New employees are able to complete paperwork, read key employee information, view their onboarding packet, and connect with the team all from their phone on a self-service portal. They will also be able to set performance goals to prep for 30, 60, and 90-day check-ins. 

The mobile app saves your HR team a little time and effort thanks to automation. 1-9, W-4, and state tax forms are automatically submitted upon completion. Background checks, verifications, and work opportunity tax credit are all handled electronically as well. All thanks to the user-friendly mobile experience!

3. Time and Attendance — ZoomShift

ZoomShift is an easy-to-use employee scheduling software, with an even easier-to-use mobile app. Many customer testimonials rave about how user friendly the time tracking app is. One user in particular said it only took a couple of minutes to explain to their employees how it works.

On the employer side, you can make some employee schedules, compare schedules to the costs of shifts, create payroll reports, edit timesheets, communicate with employees through in-app messages, and give more control to your employees. 

As a result, employees benefit greatly from ZoomShift. They can clock in and clock out, trade schedules, set availability preferences, request time off, and pick up open shifts. All of these features are incredibly useful for professions that rely on their mobile devices because they don’t have computer access during their shifts.

4. Video Interview — SparkHire

Asynchronous video interviewing is convenient enough, but SparkHire makes it even more convenient with its mobile interview app. Your HR managers can look at interview recordings from anywhere, which is convenient on business trips or when not immediately near your work computer. SparkHire also says that allowing candidates to interview on their mobile phone can boost conversion rates thanks to sheer accessibility. 

Candidates never again have to worry about having a webcam set up on their computer. They can interview directly on their phone or tablet, anywhere and anytime.  Modern smartphones typically have better cameras as well, making their higher quality videos stand out.

5. Applicant Tracking System — Workable

Checking something on your phone feels less daunting than checking on your computer, and Workable understands that. As a result, all Workable customers have access to iOS and Android apps, which allow recruiters to take applicant tracking with them wherever they go. Little tasks like interview scheduling and candidate communication are possible. But so are bigger tasks, such as moving candidates through the recruiting pipeline. 

It’s especially useful for executives, who may be needed in the hiring process but are busy with a million other tasks. Users can quickly read resumes, easily look at candidate profiles to refresh their memory on a candidate before an interview, and add feedback into a candidate scorecard in real-time, all with a tap of their finger.

6. Employee Wellness — Limeade

Limeade delivers well-being programs and activities directly to your employees. You’ll be able to send out well-being quizzes, share important news, and communicate directly with specific populations within your company. 

Limeade meets employees right on their mobile devices. They can check in to track progress towards goals, join group activities, earn rewards, and share accomplishments with their teammates. 

7. Payroll Software — Gusto

Gusto is unique on this list because it doesn’t have a downloadable app for HR teams. Rather, a mobile-friendly experience greets you upon logging in through your phone’s or tablet’s browser. On the mobile browser, users are able to complete the same HR functions they could on the desktop version.

Gusto does offer special functionality for employees, through the Gusto Wallet app. The app allows employees to host their paycheck, banking, savings, and emergency funds in one place. Specifically, employees can set savings goals, use the paycheck splitter to route their money into different accounts, check payroll information, activate a Gusto debit card, and even have early access to future paychecks in case of an emergency. 

Money left in Gusto Wallet will earn an interest of 0.11 APY with no account or overdraft fees, making it a safe choice for employees who opt in.

8. Employee Engagement — Peakon

With Peakon, you’re getting powerful employee engagement right to your phone. Your HR department can automate engagement survey schedules, see a snapshot of engagement scores, determine strengths and weaknesses, respond to anonymous employee feedback, and collaborate with other people advisors and senior leaders.

Employees can use the app to develop leadership skills through learning modules, track goals and action plans, identify spots for company improvement, and work with managers to set development priorities.

9. Rewards and Recognition — Bucketlist

The key to any successful recognition program is to meet employees where they are. Mobile is an important place to engage employees, and as a result, Bucketlist’s mobile experience is a strong extension of their desktop platform. It goes beyond the idea of simply rewarding good employee performance.

Employees and HR teams alike can honor their coworkers for great achievements and provide them with gifts for their efforts. The app also notifies employees about important milestones like birthdays or anniversaries.

Bucketlist’s rewards system is robust, offering over 4,000 items ranging from gift cards to local experiences. Customized rewards such as days off and lunches are also possible. 

10. Learning Management System - Trainual 

Learning and development doesn’t always stop once you leave the office. In fact, it can strike you as useful when traveling for business trips or commuting on the train. Luckily, Trainual’s mobile software solution makes it easy for employees to grow and develop from anywhere. 

New hires will likely find the app indispensable when in a pinch. They can access company policies, how-to guides, onboarding kits, training modules, documentation, a company wiki, and more at any time. This makes it a useful resource for small companies that don’t need a big LMS player or can’t afford recruiting class training trips.

What else is out there?

The apps listed here are just a fraction of those that exist on the market. It’s very likely that the HR technology you currently use has an app out there waiting to be taken advantage of. One thing is for sure, mobile apps are useful to every company, from small business to enterprise.

Apps aren't exclusive to the landscapes listed here either. There are performance management, workforce management, talent management, and benefits administration apps from major vendors such as BambooHR, Zenefits, or ADP as well. Social media apps like LinkedIn are hugely popular too and quite helpful with recruiting.

If you decide that a mobile app is one of your must-haves when making a purchase, you might find our HR tech ROI course useful. It's designed for HR/TA/People leaders who want to get better at understanding, calculating, and capturing ROI from their new initiatives. You can use it as a jumping-off point for saving money, boosting retention, or strengthening employer branding.

Chris Hatler
HR tech researcher, writer and editor
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Chris was the content marketing manager at SSR between 2020 and 2021 during which time he researched and published in-depth buyer guides to help HR professionals source and buy the best software solutions for their business. He's now a highly sought-after writer and editor based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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