Calculating and proving the ROI of using HR Tech.

Learn how to calculate and present the ROI for new HR Tech tools to confirm you’re launching the right initiatives with the executive buy-in you need.


What's in this course?

Ensuring great hires and an engaged workforce for your company at an optimal cost is more attainable if you use excellent HR Tech. But how do you prove this to your cold-hearted CFO who only cares about one thing - the company’s bottom line?

Ok, we may be giving your CFO too hard a time. But, the bottom line is that HR pros, like you, need to articulate a robust ROI (return on investment) calculation to get the budget approval you need, and help grow your company.

Looking at the Dollar-figure return on investment (ROI) acquiring a particular HR Tech solution will yield is an essential part of buying any new tool. Knowing this ROI helps you determine whether implementation is worth the effort. It'll also help you get that ever-elusive budget buy-in.

However, it's not always intuitive to calculate the hard Dollar ROI from HR and TA initiatives. That’s why we created this course. We want to help you develop the mindset, skills, and frameworks you need to better articulate the value gained from these projects.

In this five-part crash course we cover the basics of defining the ROI of your new HR Tech initiatives. We’ll also show you how to calculate measurable ROI, and how to use this in pitching new HR Tech initiatives to your number-crunching CFO.

Each chapter we’ll go through includes a write-up, a video, and an activity that will teach you how to think in terms of ROI, and why this matters.

Here are the chapters we’ll be covering:

  • What is ROI and What it's Not
  • Calculation: ROI from Cost per Hire
  • Calculation: ROI from Cost To Fill
  • Pitching ROI
  • Reflecting on ROI


As a long-term benefit of taking this course, critiquing your ROI analyses down the road will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself as a manager

Full disclosure: This course was designed to be presented over five emails that we sent out over five days. However, we realized that anyone who needs this information probably needs it right now. So, whenever we reference the email course format or info that you’ll receive the next day, just ignore it. Signing up for this course means you’ll be able to access all the content and resources right away.

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