Visier People Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

Visier is a very robust and complete pre-built analytics solution. They're purposefully built for mid-market to enterprise clients and have a wide service offering.

What's Inside

Visier People Review

Visier is a company that comes up in the majority of HR analytics conversations as they’ve built a robust and purpose built tool for people analytics teams.  

Their offering is used by over 5,000 of the world’s leading companies to understand basically everything about their organizations: retention, how it’s changing, where your TA funnel is breaking down, where it’s going in the future, how it stacks up to peer companies.

Simply put this is a very robust people analytics tool.

Visier People Customers

Amgen, BBVA, Micron, EA, Nielsen, Bridgestone, Dignity Health, and more.

Visier People Stats

  • 5,000 customers
  • 10M employee records
  • 75+ countries represented
  • 90% customer satisfaction score

Visier People Resources

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Key Visier People Features

  • Analytical foundation: This is an innovative solution by Visier, designed by BI experts and able to transform myriads of data into clear answers.
  • Built-in analytics: With Visier, you can access hundreds of data points in an easy-to-use dashboard with a storytelling approach.

Visier People Implementation

Visier provides a custom roadmap to make sure your HR analytics project with them is a success. This process usually consists of a preparation phase, followed by onboarding and deployment. All throughout, you'll have CS representatives guiding your way and providing resources like an adoption kit, process aids, and access to the Visier Academy.

Visier People Customer Success

Aside from the ones already mentioned, Visier has a wide array of customer success resources. These include guides, whitepapers, on-demand webinars, help articles, a customer community, and a service portal with 24/7 support.

Visier People Key Integrations

More than integrations, Visier has worked on creating strategic partnerships with companies like Bananatag, iCIMS, Emsi, The Cloud Connectors, and Fuel 50. Their partners page has more info on each service, partner type, and the regions they can cover.

What to be aware of

Visier might not be the best fit for small companies, but everyone in HR could benefit from their publicly-available resources.

Visier People Pricing

Pricing for Visier is undisclosed, so the best way forward is to get in touch or request a demo.

Visier People Alternatives

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Leader in enterprise business solutions


Easy-to-use data visualization tool


A fully-fledged people management platform


Top-rated analytics platform


Workforce monitoring for organizational design

Visier People

People analytics platform, top-notch services


Org chart software with people analytics


Solid AI and reporting capabilities