Sisense Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

Sisense is an AI-driven embedded analytics platform that's perfect for many use cases, not only HR. Their product tries to go straight to the "why" behind your organization's data.

What's Inside

Sisense Review

10,000 users at over thousands of companies use Sisense to manage and visualize data. Their tool is not geared towards HR analytics, but has the flexibility to take in data from your HRIS, ATS, performance management system, etc and display that data in ways that are intuitive and useful for business users.

Sisense Customers

Sisense is used by companies like Nasdaq, Luma Health, PRG, Air Canada, and Crunchbase.

Sisense Stats

  • Used by over 2,000 companies worldwide
  • 800+ employees
  • Named 4 times on the Annual Forbes Cloud 100 list

Sisense Resources

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Key Sisense Features

  • AI-powered explanations: This feature automatically highlights values, reasons, and impacts behind the data that may be worth digging deep into.
  • Reports engine: Insights are not worth much unless they're communicated. Sisense has a reporting engine that generates PDFs and images at scale so you can create and share reports.
  • Predictive analytics: Future opportunities can be identified by typing up a question, thanks to their built-in machine-learning models.

Sisense Implementation

Sisense has a 7-step implementation methodology. This consist of the planning phase, which starts with requirements gathering and then some high-level design of the BI solution. Then comes the execution phase, with dashboard planning, elasticube design, and dashboard design. Finally, the delivery phase consist of release and then tracking and adjusting.

Sisense Customer Success

At Sisense, their customer success reps will partner with you through every step of the way in order to make sure you're deriving value from their BI analytics. To take things further, they also have several resources in place, from online events to whitepapers & eBooks.

Sisense Key Integrations

To integrate with other software, Sisense has embedded analytics that can become visible within your app through Embed SDK or the Sisense.JS library. For other sorts of integrations, they have REST and JavaScript APIs.

What to be aware of

Sisense's solutions is completely scalable. You can start small and your plan can grow with you as you keep expanding.

Sisense Pricing

Sisense provides price quotes depending on your project type, number of users, data volume, and project timeline. They have a "no-surprise" pricing policy, where everything you'll need, from software to services, is included in an annual subscription plan.

Sisense Alternatives

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