RolePoint Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 14, 2021

RolePoint’s professional services team ensures you have a successful implementation, and continuously engage your employees.

What's Inside

RolePoint Review

RolePoint has historically been a leader in this market. They’ve recently merged with JobVite and a few other tools and so it’ll be interesting to see how the solution evolves with that HCM suite. However, it’s worth noting they integrate with the majority of ATS/HRIS vendors currently. Their customer base includes McKinsey, UPS, and LinkedIn.

RolePoint Customers

RolePoint Stats

  • At UPS, they helped increase the number of referrals four times
  • Acquired by Jobvite for $40M according to Crunchbase

RolePoint Resources

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Key RolePoint Features

  • AI-powered textbot: Employees can use this to make referrals easier, even on the go.
  • Gamification highlights: RolePoint shares the top referral performers across your organization to make the program more engaging.
  • Incentive management: This tool can not only track referral bonuses, it also follows engagement campaigns, probation periods, and all recruitment activity.

RolePoint Implementation

RolePoint Customer Success

Going with RolePoint would give you access to Jobvite's many resources, such as data sheets, training videos, and webinars.

RolePoint Key Integrations

RolePoint's portal is SSO enabled.

What to be aware of

RolePoint Pricing

RolePoint's pricing is not disclosed within Jobvite's website, so the best way forward is to request a tour or take their 10 minute assessment.

RolePoint Alternatives


30-second referrals & free plan


Good for network-based hiring


Employee referrals through Slack

Long-standing expert vendor


Pull jobs from your career page


Feature-rich referral tool