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Author Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
Phil Strazzulla: HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
October 19, 2021
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EmployeeReferrals.com helps medium and large companies boost their referral hires with an intuitive, mobile-first approach that employees and candidates love.

What's Inside

EmployeeReferrals.com Review

As the domain name implies, these guys have been in the referrals game for quite some time. That means they hook into all the various ATS’s and rewards programs out there. Their mobile-first, campaign-driven approach drives high levels of adoption and leads to dramatic increases in referral hires.

EmployeeReferrals.com Customers

Notable customers include Crocs, ZipRecruiter, and DeVry University.

EmployeeReferrals.com Stats

  • Millions of users worldwide

EmployeeReferrals.com Resources

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Key EmployeeReferrals.com Features

  • Branded referral portal: Maintain trust and corporate image through the entire experience. This portal can have your logo, colors, videos, photos, and many other customizations.
  • Custom URL: Of course, you can also make your referral portal's URL to be anything you like.
  • Recommendation engine: This feature helps your employees find referral opportunities that are good fits for them, based on title, address, skill description, etc.

EmployeeReferrals.com Implementation

EmployeeReferrals.com Customer Success

This vendor has a dedicated Customer Success team that will be with you through the entire client journey.

EmployeeReferrals.com Key Integrations

EmployeeReferrals.com integrates with multiple ATS, SSO, and HRIS vendors.

What to be aware of

EmployeeReferrals.com also offers LinkedIn recommendations by syncing with their search tool. About 20% of their referrals are sourced using this asset.

EmployeeReferrals.com Pricing

Pricing with this vendor is not disclosed upfront, so you'd have to book a demo to move forward.

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EmployeeReferrals.com Alternatives

Employee Referral - ERINERIN

30-second referrals & free plan

Employee Referral - RolePointRolePoint

Feature-rich referral tool

Employee Referral - TeamableTeamable

Good for network-based hiring

Employee Referral - BoonBoon

Pull jobs from your career page