Drafted Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 14, 2021

Take a look at Drafted’s network, which allows your reach to expand beyond your employees.

What's Inside

Drafted Review

Drafted started as a marketplace that allowed anyone to refer people to a given company.  They’ve morphed into a referral tool that allows your recruiting team to source from your employee’s networks.   A key strength is their matching algorithm which has mapped over 40k jobs, translating to better referral suggestions to your employees.

Drafted Customers

Better.com, Toast, Klaviyo, Apeel Sciences, Juniper Square

Drafted Stats

  • At Better.com, Drafted was used to get over 2,000 referrals and 300 hires in the first four months.

With other clients, the tool was used for wins like:

  • 5X more referrals per open role
  • 6X more referrals per employee
  • 3X more hires from interviewed referrals

Drafted Resources

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Key Drafted Features

  • Slack referrals: Drafted is one of the few vendors to offer a referral tool specifically made for the chat platform. Employees can fill employee referral form questions from where they already go to chat with their colleagues.
  • Suggestions: Drafted also pumps out network-based employee referral suggestions on a weekly basis.
  • ATS integration: All jobs from your ATS are synced with Drafted, as well as their status changes.

Drafted Implementation

Drafted Customer Success

For Customer Success, Drafted has many resources in place, such as help docs, a regularly-updated blog, and a portal specific for recruiters. This latter resource has referral hiring stats, best practices for referral programs, and most things that one would need to sell this hiring initiative internally.

Drafted Key Integrations

Drafted integrates with many an ATS, including Greenhouse, Lever, and Workable.

What to be aware of

Notably, Drafted also has a layoffs page where you can subscribe and be updated on upcoming layoffs from big companies.

Drafted Pricing

Drafted has a free 7 day trial for their first two packages. What are packages? They offer 3 main referral program packages that are priced per recruiter per month and per employee usage. For example, the External Referrals package starts at $10 per month, includes a branded referral page, source tracking, and unlimited team usage. The Internal Referrals package is for up to 25 users and is $100 per month. Each package can be purchased individually or you can get a bundle.

Drafted Alternatives


30-second referrals & free plan


Pull jobs from your career page


Feature-rich referral tool


Long-standing expert vendor


Employee referrals through Slack


Good for network-based hiring