Boon Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 14, 2021

Boon’s solution is designed to increase referrals through ease of use, as well as a gamification layer.

What's Inside

Boon Review

Boon’s founders ran a recruiting agency that realized referrals were by far their number one source of hire. They built their own tech to boost referrals, and thought that others would get value out of the system they’ve built. What’s unique here is that this isn’t a solution designed just for fast growing tech companies as their customers are recruiting everyone from engineers to truck drivers.

Boon Customers

Boon is used by Intel, Citrix, and SpaceX.

Boon Stats

Among their customers, Boon has helped achieve milestones like:

  • 45% increase in referral hires
  • 5X more referrals per job
  • 52% reduction in time-to-hire
  • 40% cost savings per hire

Boon Resources

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Key Boon Features

  • Automatic updates: Boon is notable for being able to pull jobs from your existing career page, even without the need for an integration. Your jobs appear there and people can start using the tool to send referrals to them immediately.
  • Referral widget: You can also add Boon's technology to other places, like any job post or recruitment content you may have in place. The widget is just a copy and paste item.

Boon Implementation

Boon is made to be effortless to setup. No onboarding or training is required to get started.

Boon Customer Success

Boon Key Integrations

Boon integrates with several ATS vendors, such as Job Adder, JazzHR, Greenhouse, and Workday. They also have an integration with Slack and connect to Zapier.

What to be aware of

Boon Pricing

Although their exact pricing isn't revealed upfront, Boon has three available plans: Startup, Growth, and Enterprise.

Boon Alternatives


30-second referrals & free plan


Feature-rich referral tool

Long-standing expert vendor


Pull jobs from your career page


Employee referrals through Slack


Good for network-based hiring