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How to Find ‘The One’ in HR Tech

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Phil Strazzulla

November 24, 2021

Want to grow your HR tech knowledge 🤓?

The famous quote "There are plenty of fish in the sea" isn't just applicable to dating apps — it holds just as true when buying HR Technology! 

Today, choosing the right HR tool is becoming increasingly challenging, with newer solutions hitting the market every other day. Organizations that pick wisely continue to scale their business and excel at it, while the rest are simply left behind. While there is no one-size-fits-all, there are a few selection criteria that every HR leader needs to bear in mind before investing in tech. And that's why I've created a list of parameters to analyze before you swipe right and choose 'the one':

  1. User experience: More often than not, the quality of the user interface will tell you if the product is worth the investment. If it's not intuitive, forward-thinking, and easy to use, the chances of you abandoning the solution or adopting a new one a couple of months later is significantly higher. 
  2. Vendor data: Don't be afraid to ask your potential mate about their growth rate, retention, profitability, and other KPIs that are relevant to your decision.  For example, you may want to understand how long a vendor's AI takes to get to certain success metrics, or the application completion rate for an ATS.
  3. Support: When buying HR tech, it's important to know going in, what kind of support you want and if you'll be comfortable figuring things out on your own. Usually, vendors provide some form of self-service support such as video tutorials, webinars, blog posts, FAQs, and user forums. However, if they aren't giving you the kind of support you're looking for through training or demos, then that could be the deciding factor between two comparable HR solutions. 
  4. Data security: HR vendors usually offer different levels of security and compliance, so it's essential that you take the time to understand what's on offer. Are they ISO certified? What tools do they provide to secure personal data? How do they manage GDPR compliance? These are some of the crucial cybersecurity-related questions that must be addressed early on. 
  5. ROI: It can be hard to calculate the ROI from HR Tech. The bottom line is to invest in technology that will support your organization's future goals for innovation. It can be as simple as saving a couple of manual hours or something more significant like automating the entire recruitment process — if you can foresee tangible benefits, then you're on the right track.

And that concludes our checklist to help you separate contenders from pretenders when choosing HR Tech.

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