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Findmyshift Versus the Competition

Findmyshift came across as one of the simplest drag-and-drop scheduling services available today. Unlike its competitors, it offers a free-for-life plan that’s ideal for small teams of five or less.

If you're ready to get a Findmyshift demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

Ease of Use
Best For
Key Differentiator
Free Trial
  • Simplified scheduling allows for easy management of employees.
  • Easy creation of staff rosters and employee shift management.
  • Automated reminders sent to employees before shifts.
  • Monitoring of employee time-off requests and allowances.
  • The app has limited functionality on mobile devices compared to the desktop version.
  • Glitches result in users logging out by themselves.
  • Exporting data from Excel spreadsheets into the app is a time-consuming process.
  • The free version only supports up to 5 members.

Findmyshift Review

Findmyshift stands out as an employee scheduling software for small teams in a variety of industries. Be it solopreneurs, small businesses, restaurants, or non-profits, Findmyshift’s web-based drag-and-drop scheduling is accessible from any web browser or phone and is free for teams of 5 or fewer.

Volunteer organizations, charities, and non-profits get a 25% discount on all Findmyshift plans, making it a very practical option for them.

However, it’s important to note that many customer reviews for Findmyshift complained about the mobile apps being glitchy and the limitations in the payroll feature with regards to tax calculations and filing.

Who shouldn't buy Findmyshift

Findmyshift has a team-based pricing structure. This makes it unsuitable for businesses with a large number of teams where the costs can add up quickly. The tool also lacks advanced payroll features such as tax filing, computations, or benefits. Therefore, organizations that require such features would have to look elsewhere.

Findmyshift Customers

Some of Findmyshift’s noteworthy customers are:

  • Disney
  • NHS
  • Specsavers
  • Subway
  • DPD
  • Game

Findmyshift: Web-based scheduling for small teams.

Findmyshift Key Features

  • Employee Scheduling: Schedules are created easily with a drag and drop schedule maker. Use standard keyboard shortcuts or a few easy mouse clicks to swap, edit, or duplicate shifts, sync your schedule with your calendar and get reminders for your shifts.
  • Time Clock: Keep track of actual hours worked with Findmyshift’s time clock feature. The clock comes with the option to enable selfies to avoid “buddy punching” and GPS coordinates to make sure the employee was on-premises.
  • Reporting: Managers can compare actual employee worked hours with standards and generate labor forecasts based on staff pay rates. This helps managers stay on top of their budgets.

Findmyshift also offers:

  • Time off management
  • Mobile app
  • Integrations with popular services

Findmyshift Key Integrations

Findmyshift offers integrations with the following:

  • Xero: Accounting software for small businesses
  • Slack: IRC-style chat software designed for dynamic work teams
  • Lightspeed: PoS, ecommerce, and omnichannel solutions
  • Vend: PoS and inventory management software
  • Square: Credit card processing and PoS services
  • Google Assistant: Find out when you’re working next using Google digital assistant
  • Amazon Alexa: Amazon’s digital assistant can tell you when your next shift is
  • Bamboo HR: HR software for small and medium-sized businesses
  • CakeHR: Attendance and performance management software
  • Google Workspace: Google’s cloud-based office productivity apps
  • Monday: Project management software that helps teams manage work
  • People: HR automation software

Findmyshift Pricing

Findmyshift offers the following subscription plans.

  • Free - 5 team members + 1 week of historical data and 1 week of planning. 
  • Starter ( $15/team/month) - 20 team members + 1 year of historical data and 3 months of forward planning. 
  • Business ($25/team/month) - 100 team members + 5 years of historical data and 1 year of planning. 
  • Enterprise ($45/team/month) - 300 team members + 10 years of historical data and 3 years of planning.

Charities and volunteer organizations get a 25% discount. Save 15% on annual billing.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Findmyshift is Best For

Findmyshift offers great value for startups, solopreneurs, or small businesses with a few employees due to its feature-packed free forever plan. The software is also a great option for charities and non-profit organizations because of the 25% discount they get on all plans.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

How Has Findmyshift Changed Over Time?

Findmyshift Implementation

Implementing Findmyshift was fairly straightforward but lengthy in our experience. We logged on to the website where the live demo was readily available to give us a real feel of how the software works.

To kick off the account creation process, we clicked the “Get Started” button on the top-right of the home page. Here, we had to enter the names of all our employees with an option to upload a spreadsheet or import the list of employees from another app.

Once this step was completed, we immediately reached the schedule page where we could define shifts, add teams or employees, and use other features. Click “Save Account” on the top-right to choose your username and password and complete the account creation process.

The setup would take much less time if you have a spreadsheet ready with your employee names or if you can import it from another app. Manually entering the names can make the initial setup a time-consuming exercise.

Findmyshift Customer Success

  • Customer support can be reached via phone, chat, and email from Monday to Friday between 12 am and 10 pm (BST).
  • Findmyshift offers a video library with detailed step-by-step guides on a variety of topics ranging from setup to scheduling.
  • Findmyshift’s searchable knowledge base articles provide detailed answers that cover every aspect of the software’s functionality.

About Findmyshift

The story of Findmyshift started in 2003 with the idea that managers should easily be able to share their schedules with their employees. With limited knowledge and know-how of web developments, the founding team started building the prototype in their free time.

In 2004, Findmyshift made its debut as the world’s first web-based drag-and-drop employee scheduling software. The same year, the team signed their first customer who has remained loyal to the company through all these years.

After three more years of product testing, customer feedback, and subsequent updates, Findmyshift finally came out of beta in 2007. Thereafter, the company took a more aggressive approach to customer acquisition through ad campaigns on major advertising networks.

The strategy paid off and Findmyshift started growing exponentially. Looking at the growing demands of the business, the company moved to Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure to ensure a quality experience for its users. By 2013, the company was tripling its number of customers every three years.

The success of Findmyshift kept its team motivated to keep on improving the product. These improvements came in the form of improved security, the addition of timesheets and time-clocking, a free forever plan, mobile apps, and several integration options with popular apps and services.

Today, Findmyshift is serving over half a million users all around the world and remains a great scheduling option for non-profits, restaurants, startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs.

As a next step you can visit the Findmyshift website or read our research on the Best Employee Scheduling Software.

As a next step you can visit the Findmyshift website or read our research on the Best Employee Scheduling Software.

Findmyshift Alternatives

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Company HQ
London, United Kingdom
Number of Employees
7 - 10
Year Founded
Amount Raised
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