Interview with Caroline Thorpe, HR Director at Enquiron

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Phil Strazzulla

September 7, 2020

At Select Software Reviews, we often talk about the wide spectrum of business needs companies experience based on the size and scope of their organization. Phil Strazzulla recently had an opportunity to talk with Caroline Thorpe, HR Director at Enquiron, to get her insights into what she looks for in HR tech solutions for their operation as an SMB. As an SMB, Enquiron faces different challenges and business needs than an enterprise  organization would. Thorpe’s 11 years with the company has given her opportunities to learn what works—and what does not work—for them.

Focus on Customer Service

For Thorpe, customer service is at the top of the “must have” list when she is looking at HR technology and other business partners. It’s important to have a direct point of contact who knows her and her company, rather than being routed to a call center.  Specifically, Thorpe mentioned her great experience with ConnectPay for their payroll processing and their benefits brokers, all of whom have provided personalized service.

Slack’s Role in Employee Engagement

Enquiron has placed heavy emphasis on monitoring employee engagement, and Slack’s built-in tools are helping them achieve their goals. Thorpe noted that even before the COVID-19 shutdowns, the company had many remote employees, and they already used Slack to keep everyone connected.

They utilize Slack’s Positive Vibes channel to foster camaraderie and share real-life experiences. Thorpe said they also rely on the Officevibe app to conduct brief weekly surveys of their team members, which has greatly improved the company’s ability to keep a close watch on how their employees are feeling, where areas of concern may be, and where people are most engaged.

Looking Ahead

Enquiron currently has relationships with several recruiting partners, but currently their main focus is on employee engagement. 

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