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Experts Chime in Recruiting Tactics During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Phil Strazzulla

April 22, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives all around the world. It has had a significant impact on business large and small. Despite this, companies are still hiring. Therefore, we wanted to share insights from smart people in the recruiting world. We asked experts,

“What specific tactics are you using to recruit people during the Covid-19 pandemic?”

Will Craig of LeaseFetcher
Will Craig, Managing Director of LeaseFetcher
‘Understanding what you need, not what you want’: Developing a strong job specification has become exceptionally important to the success of our virtual recruitment process in recent times. Although a simple requirement, it is something that is overlooked all too often in a traditional recruitment process; potential employees must be given clear responsibilities and expectations—now more than ever before— if they are expected to succeed whilst removed from the traditional office environment. If you can do this, then I guarantee you will receive a significantly higher proportion of high-calibre applications for your efforts.
Jenn Burton Equivity
Jenn Burton, HR Manager of Equivity
When looking for top candidates for virtual roles, it's best to post job ads on sites that these candidates frequently visit, such as Flexjobs.com, virtualvocations.com and remote.co. A few other hot spots for virtual recruiting are groups within LinkedIn specifically targeted to your star talent. For instance, joining paralegal networking groups on LinkedIn gives me a huge audience of qualified candidates for any virtual paralegal positions we are looking to fill. Networking with other recruiters and human resources professionals on LinkedIn also expands my reach, and increases the potential to find super star talent in other geographical locations across the U.S.
Jessica Chase Premier Title Loans
Jessica Chase, Sales & Marketing Manager of Premier Title Loans
Video and Recorded Interviews We are utilizing online services for conducting interviews in the lockdown era. Sometimes we use recorded videos as a response to interview questions or do live interviews with the help of Zoom or Microsoft teams. Online Pre-onboarding Process As physical contact is not possible, we digitize the content of the pre-onboarding process for our new employees. We are using pre-onboarding software for this process.
Aman Brar Jobvite
Aman Brar, CEO of Jobvite

Just because you have recruiters working at different locations doesn’t mean they should be following different processes. In fact, remote recruiting requires your team to use centralized data and processes more than ever.

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