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HR Tech Quiz - The Top Scores

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Phil Strazzulla

March 2, 2021

Last month we asked people how much they knew about HR Tech through a 10 question quiz which tested everything from vendor knowledge to the latest trends. This month, we're seeing how much people know about diversity and inclusion through a new quiz (give it a shot).

The average score for last month's quiz was a 47%! It's been a while since I was in school, but I'm pretty sure that's a failing grade :)

While this is a bit discouraging, it's simply strengthened our resolve to keep educating our industry on what's going on in the world of work tech!

The smartest HR Techies out there

Despite the low average scores, we did have a few folks knock it out of the park. These are the people who scored at least a 90% on last month's quiz (these will not be a surprise to anyone who knows them!).

This was no small feat as we can see from how everyone else did on the quiz! In random order, the people who scored the best were

Seriously, congrats to everyone. It was nice to see some familiar names here along with others who know their stuff when it comes to HR Tech. We had a lot of fun with this quiz and will plan to do these fairly regularly with this month's DEI quiz the latest iteration.

Our hope is that you can learn something from these:

While also having some fun:

Our mission at SelectSoftware Reviews is to educate the worlds of HR and recruiting about the HR Tech market so that organizations can use the right tools while avoiding the many pitfalls of buying software. Hopefully our quizes are more enjoyable than what you experienced in school, while giving you another data point on where your knowledge is relative to the rest of your peers.

This month's quiz

Last month was Black history month in the US, and I think it's safe to say there was a lot of really great information published around the various DEI initiatives that companies are using to create more equitable and inclusive workforces, along with some great DEI stats.

For this month's quiz, we wanted to see what people learned last month. So, we created a quiz that is focused specifically on DEI!

You can take the DEI quiz here. It's designed to test your knowledge, and also spread the word on some of the key aspects of DEI that everyone in the HR Tech ecosystem should be aware of. Good luck!

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