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HR Tech Quiz - How much do you know?

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Phil Strazzulla

June 17, 2021

At SSR, we're always excited about sharing HR Tech knowledge with our readership of next generation people leaders. We thought it'd be fun to test everyone's understanding of the HR Tech landscape, and so put together this quiz in partnership with the Human Times to figure out how much you really know about HR technology.

Take the quiz, have some fun, learn something, and let us know how you did on social!

There's absolutely no pressure here. The average score for last month's quiz was a 47%! It's been a while since I was in school, but I'm pretty sure that's a failing grade :)

The world of HR software is changing so quickly - it's impossible for most of us to keep up with the latest in ATS's, let along the myriad point solutions, AI technologies, etc.

The smartest HR Techies out there

Despite the low average scores last month, we did have a few folks knock it out of the park. These are the people who scored at least a 90% on last month's quiz (these will not be a surprise to anyone who knows them!).

This was no small feat as we can see from how everyone else did on the quiz! In random order, the people who scored the best were

Seriously, congrats to everyone. It was nice to see some familiar names here along with others who know their stuff when it comes to HR Tech. We had a lot of fun with this quiz and will plan to do these fairly regularly (you can check out our DEI quiz too).

Our hope is that you can learn something from these questions:

While also having some fun:

Our mission at SelectSoftware Reviews is to educate the worlds of HR and recruiting about the HR Tech market so that organizations can use the right tools while avoiding the many pitfalls of buying software. Hopefully our quizzes are more enjoyable than what you experienced in school, while giving you another data point on where your knowledge is relative to the rest of your peers.

This month's quiz

Again, if you want to test your HR Tech knowledge (while learning something in the process), take the quiz here.

If you buy HR Tech and want to be a part of our community, you can learn more here.

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