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Popular HR Analytics Certifications

We've collected some of the most popular certification courses to help you...

Phil Strazzulla
HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Software Enthusiast
April 20, 2022
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Within the world of HR, there are many ways to build your knowledge base. Maintaining your certifications and continuing your professional education will not only serve you well in your day-to-day duties, but also ensure you are on top of changing trends and emerging technologies. One of the main focal points within HR today is in analytics. We have collected some of the most popular certification courses to help you find the ones that will suit you best.

The Best HR Analytics Certifications

People Analytics by Wharton University of Pennsylvania

This online course from Wharton is geared to mid- to senior-level HR personnel. It is also great for small and mid-sized business owners who are looking for more effective people management strategies. As Wharton says on its website, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” and this program is geared to just that—equipping you with the tools necessary to effectively measure results. Wharton has some big name companies on its list of participants, from Google and 3M to The Home Depot.

People analytics course from Wharton University of Pennsylvania
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HR Analytics Leader by AIHR Academy

This online, self-paced course is made up of seven modules. The goal for this course is to help analyze the “impact of people-related decisions” to better identify ways to boost business performance. Whether you are trying to boost your knowledge base or completely start a new career, this course will give you the fundamentals to get you started on your journey.

HR analytics leader course by AIHR Academy dashboard

HR Analytics Certificate from Cornell University

This certificate from eCornell is comprised of four courses: Essentials of HR Analytics, Strategic Talent Analytics, Applied Predictive Analytics in HR, and Valuing HR Initiatives. Cornell puts emphasis on learning to navigate common challenges HR personnel face in hiring the best talent, keeping the workforce engaged, and evaluating workforce diversity. 

HR Analytics Certification course from Cornell University

People Analytics and Evidence-Based Management by openSAP

OpenSAP’s HR analytics course outlines how to address challenges and form decisions based on scientific fact. In this course, you will learn from an array of industry leaders as you learn to make better decisions in your organization. Feedback from course participants includes praise for the clear structure, great content, and its “balance between theory and practice.”

Poster for openSAP's HR analytics course
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MS in Human Resource Analytics and Management by American University

American University developed this Master’s level program to give its graduates the tools they need to create employee wellness programs, utilize analytics to improve initiatives, and create better performance metrics for employees. This comprehensive online Master’s degree is comprised of 10 courses, and takes 20 months to complete.

Homepage of AU's MS in HR Analytics and Management course

Online People Analytics Courses by myHRfuture.com

The course designers at myHRfuture.com have developed not one but 15 courses that are focused on analytics. Course titles range from An Introduction to People Analytics to How to Have Effective Data Based Conversations. This array of topics will help the HR professional understand data’s role in the “people” side of human resources. All courses are completed at your own pace.

Introductory course to people analytics from myHRfuture.com

Analytics in Talent Management by Udemy

This online course from Udemy is ideal for HR professionals who want to get a better understanding of how to use analytics in their daily work. Like all Udemy courses, this is an affordable way to gain new insight into a specific topic—in this case, HR analytics—and use it as a springboard to other topics. Learn at your own pace and on a budget.

Analytics in Talent Management course summary from Udemy

HR Data Analyst by AIHR Academy

Another course by AIHR Academy, this one focuses on data analysis. It is built for people who are very new to this area. You will learn data basics like extracting and cleaning—and of course analyzing—the information that will unlock keys to improving your organization. You’ll use Excel, Power BI, and Tableau to work through real-world examples while you get hands-on experience calculating ROI for HR-focused tasks. 

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HR Data Analyst course syllabus

People Analytics by Bersin Academy

Many HR professionals know about Bersin Academy, and for good reason. There are a lot of great courses that will broaden your understanding of many HR-focused topics. In this course, you will learn how to better manage people through analytics tools. Key points include the purpose of “people analytics,” steps for problem-solving, data-gathering practices, and how to communicate what you learn. The primary goal for this course is to “help HR practitioners at all level of experience become more fluent in the language of data, more sophisticated users of analytics tools, and more comfortable using data to shape the decisions they make every day.” This course is conducted in a virtual classroom setting over the span of five weeks. 

Bersin's people analytics course sign in page

Applied Business Analytics by MIT Management Executive Education

Don’t let the “MIT” part scare you—this is a non-technical program intended to teach a “practical framework that includes data models, decisions, and value, building confidence in using data to improve decision-making.” This is a great course for teaching you how to decide which analytical approach will best fit your needs. When you know which tools to use, you will have better outcomes. The course is divided into six weeks of instruction; it can be a stand-alone course, or part of the more in-depth MIT Sloan Executive Certificate.

Applied business analytics course info page

Workforce Metrics and Analytics by the University of Minnesota

This course by the University of Minnesota is geared toward HR professionals who are wanting to improve their ability to develop strategy. It is a great option for “those in HR who wish to enhance their financial and business acumen, this course covers both the fundamentals of financial concepts as well as insights into how HR professionals can leverage metrics and analytics to support their own activities” in that quest to improve strategy.


University of Minn. HR metrics and analytics course

Introduction to People Analytics by MIPT (via Coursera)

We may not normally associate the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with human resources certifications, but it would be a mistake to overlook this course. Objectives for this course include learning how “data, technologies, and tools can be used in people management processes to improve organization’s performance.” Participants will learn how to measure ROI, how to identify employee qualities that optimize performance, and the best ways to recruit top talent. You can complete this course at your own pace; it will take approximately 14 hours to complete.

MIPT logo

Strategic HR Metrics by AIHR Academy

Another great course from AIHR, Strategic HR Metrics focuses on developing, implementing, and aligning metrics in your organization. By teaching an understanding of metrics, this course will better prepare you to utilize them in your company. It’s a self-paced course that consists of 5 modules. This course is also included in the AIHR Academy’s HR Metrics & Dashboarding Certificate Program. 

Strategic HR Metrics course introduction

Executive Program on HR Analytics by GWFM

The Global Workforce Management, or GWFM, has put together a program to teach HR analytics techniques. Students and HR professionals alike can learn useful tools and tips, like how to create SMART goals to better achieve business benchmarks like improved employee performance. The course is divided into 10 modules. Participants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from a recognized institution. 

Information page for GWFM's HR analytics executive program

Certified Professional (CP) and Senior Certified Professional (SCP) by SHRM

No list of HR certifications would be complete without including what SHRM has to offer. These two certifications are part of the organization’s overall mission to “enhance [HR professionals’] effectiveness on the job, to develop their careers, and to partner strategically with business leaders and stakeholders.” The CP certification is geared to those who are early on in their career. The certification itself is a 4-hour exam. Applicants can opt for a self-study prior to taking the exam or select instructor-led preparation. The SCP certification is geared to senior-level HR professionals; the certification process is the same as with the CP level. 

SHRM's CP and SCP course page

Deciding Which Courses are Best for You

Clearly, there are many options for expanding your HR analytics knowledge base. As you decide which options are best for you, keep in mind what you are wanting to get out of the certification. Knowing what your goals are will help narrow down your choices. No matter which courses you choose, you will be taking important steps to advance your HR career.

Now what're you going to do with that new certification? Look for a cutting edge HR role of course! Check out our People Analytics job board for open roles, information, and where to apply.

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