A Look At Avature's Recruitment CRM

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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

Avature Review

Avature combines ATS and CRM capabilities into one powerful platform that is used by KPMG, IBM, Pepsi and over 600 other companies. One of the most powerful aspects of this solution is the ability to customize workflows for both recruiters and candidates that meet the needs of different functions and geographies.

Avature Customers

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Avature is also used by Cisco, L'Oréal, Mondelez, Siemens, Specsavers, and many more.

Avature Stats

  • 110 companies among the Fortune 500 list are their clients.
  • Their product is used by 102 companies with over 75,000 employees.

Avature Resources

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Key Avature Features

  • WebSources: This is an interface that's unique to Avature. It lets you conduct massive searches for candidates at dozens of job boards and the open web simultaneously.
  • Recruitment Marketing Tools: Avature sets you up with everything you'd expect from a recruitment marketing platform, such as customizable landing pages, microsites, as well as an email marketing tool, and social media campaign monitoring.
  • Engagement Workflows: Avature's workflows can be made with condition-based actions. These help to make sure that automated outreach to candidates stays personalized, timely, and relevant.

Avature Implementation

The team at Avature works to design your solution with you. Their implementations can be global and multi-lingual, and their consultants work in a sandbox environment which your team can access whenever they need to. Also, the architecture of the platform is designed to support live process modeling, letting you run real scenarios and build custom data models even during meetings.

Avature Customer Success

To ensure that your recruitment marketing efforts are a success, Avature not only sets you up with dedicated consultants for implementation and account management. They also have 24/7 multilingual technical support and many forms of training. There's an online training campus for customers, videos, webinars, FAQs, and user guides. as to data privacy and security, this vendor is ISO 27001 and AICPA certified.

Avature Key Integrations

There is an Avature Partner Network of certified vendors that assures 100+ integrations for every aspect of recruitment; from assessments and video interview all the way to background checks and I9 processing. Taking things even further, if there's a vendor that you like but that's not in the network, you can submit their details in their website, or simply use Avature's REST API.

What to be aware of

Not so long ago, the team at Avature widened their offering by launching a video interview platform. This also gives talent acquisition teams a quick and interactive way to screen applicants.

Avature Pricing

As with most enterprise-level solutions, pricing is not provided upfront by the vendor.

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